So while we have been working on developing our gaming channel we have also been working on streamlining things on Facebook and other social media services to rebrand everything back to DraxisWeb Productions as our main name.

We are working on some new Logos for our main Logo of DWP but also some Logos for the All Things Geek, Games, and Crafts side of our little hobby empire here. On top of this we are working to streamline our links here with new categories that update to the DWP name and streamline your viewing. We’re working on some old graphics to make older blogs look better with the changes that have come to WordPress over the years since we first started this website. Last but not least we are looking at working on our Theme as we think the one we use now is one of the things that slows down our load times on things.

So if you stop by and things seem down or different don’t worry we’re just updating and you can expect us back up and running soon!