New Layout Coming Soon!!!

With the Addition of the Groups All Things Geek and Ocala Writers Group to the DWP’s every growing family of facebook pages and events and such we run the DWP website will soon be getting an overhaul. So what do you have to look forward to?

A new link layout- The links up top will hopefully become a bit more streamlined with a lot of the things like DraxisGaming, DraxisFan, DraxisReview and such being condensed into various easier to find links under the category of All Things Geek.

Addition of All Things Geek- Since we are admin’ing this on facebook and most of our things are geek related anyway it just makes sense to focus on this on our site as well!

Addition of Ocala Writers Group- Another group we have started on facebook we have plans of incorporating this group as well as our writing services links all into one area

Addition of Quizzes- We have been playing with some Quiz software and hope to start regularly putting up some geek quizzes which will be posted within the All Things Geek category.

Addition of a shopping page- There has been some talk about our Geek Soaps and Perler Bead creations but so far there is only so much we can do with Etsy. So we hope to expand our website to hold a shop that will feature all of our products and become updated as they are created. This will also tie in with us gaining a card reader and being able to attend more craft fairs and such with our books and crafts.

All of this and more is on the way so keep your eyes open for the new and improved!


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