New beginnings for DraxisSoap

Good Evening DraxisSoap fans, have I got some great news for you!

So far this year, even though it has just started, we at DraxisWeb have been making some huge changes. So far in the past few months, we have seen a big change in the setup of our site and even some new feature blogs such as our coverage of the WXW in Florida. But now we have changes coming for DraxisSoaps as well that I would like to cover in a little more detail.

First though let me say a HUGE thank you to those that bought the Pokeball soaps from our Etsy shop during the Christmas break! You guys are all awesome and I hope you loved the soaps as much as we loved making them for you! Be sure to keep a lookout at our Etsy shop as we hope to add some more toy embeds such as half domes with dinosaur skulls, Death Stars with Angry Birds Star Wars figures and trash cans with Trashie figures in them! And now, on to the announcement!

At the end of February we got to go to a new convention for us called SyFy Bartow. We did some good sales there and we were also able to tell our customers some great news. You see, our customers bought our cool homemade soaps because they were made by us but we were able to tell them that our soaps are going to become so much better! As of the beginning of March we have started to make our soaps from scratch at home. Right now we are still in our trial stages where we are seeing which combinations of simple household oils and such make for a good feeling soap and what just doesn’t work.  There is a great online calculator that tells us how much of the things we want to use should be used for a specific soap. So now not only will we have good for you geek soaps but we’ll have even better for you bar soaps! Eventually when we get real good at the bar soaps we will be able to start making a M&P base all on our own and then we can make even better for you geek soaps!

Due to this great step forward we are making with an expanded line we have also created our own facebook group to keep everyone in the loop whenever we have new news about our soaps.  This group will list when we have trial soaps for sale and when we finally go into full production. We will sell our soaps from here and get your feedback on them here. This is our public face for the new part of our small business. Also seeing as to how we are expanding you can also expect to see some of our DraxisSoap about pages and pricing and such change over the next month as well. If you want to see our Soap Page just click below for our facebook group.


Another thing we have been missing for our little business has been a logo. Well guess what we have now! That’s right our own logo and it incorporates our love of fantasy and cleanliness!

Draxis-Soaps bannerAs if all of this wasn’t exciting enough we have a listing of the main bases we are going to sell once our trials are done and here it is

  • All Natural Plain Soap- This will be a simple soap for the people who don’t want all the bells and whistles.
  • Sugar Scrub Soap- A nice simple soap base with an added sugar scrub for lather and gentle exfoliation with a dash of vanilla extract for scent.
  • Green Tea and Honey- A tea base instead of water this soap has some great properties due to being made with green tea and with a bit of honey added into each batch it has even more gentle healing properties.
  • Black Tea and Honey- Same as our green tea but made with a Black Tea for a different set of cleansing and healing properties.
  • Coffee Scrub- A simple soap base with added coffee grounds for exfoliation and a gentle coffee scent.
  • Aloe Vera Soap- A partial Water and Aloe Juice based soap this soap can help with various skin problems.

Another great thing we just got which I mentioned in an earlier post on our site is the Square Reader for our phone.  This allowed us to take Credit Cards while we were at our last convention and this also comes with a free webstore. What this means is that during the month of March I will be busy creating our webstore so that you will have an easy way to purchase our new soaps.

So drop by our facebook page and let us know what types of soap you would like us to make!


2 thoughts on “New beginnings for DraxisSoap

  1. I love buying homemade soap. There is just something about them that makes me feel cleaner 🙂 Good work on your business and good luck in the future!

  2. Good luck. People love homemade soap. I’m wondering if it is too late to suggest homemade gifts to be exchanged between the adults in our family.

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