So the other week I posted a blog about the game SMITE. I have been loving this game and play it at least once every day. This game is a lot of fun, the only part that’s not fun are the certain gamers that get too big for their own britches and want to curse you out for trying your best to do something in the game and not succeeding all the time…yeah I’m looking at you mr BlueFalcon4579, thats right thanks to you, I will be creating a blog about how gamers shouldn’t be people like you and how you are the type that gives the gaming community a bad name (long story short, our titan was being attacked and instead of being a pansy and taking the safe way in to replenish my health I tried to defend our titan and drive people off from it to maybe help give us some time and I got killed, wasn’t the smartest move on my part but also did not warrant a message of “are u f-ing dumb? ustupid f-ing b-h” and yes I did censor the message for this blog). Anyway back to the blog at hand. Having now played this game for a few weeks, I have found that certain gods I like better than others. Normally, I play as female characters in games because while it may not be true I think they inherently have a speed boost in their programming and also because I love looking at the lovely ladies more than muscled men. So I have been trying to find good goddesses to play as and below are my top 5 list of goddesses in SMITE. Remember this is just my recommendation from what I have played and certainly not all inclusive since I have yet to play as every character!


Number 5- Hel- Norse Goddess of the Underworld- Mage Class

helHel makes for an interesting god in this game for the fact that her very nature gives her a duality most of the others gods don’t have. This is reflected in her powers in game by taking away her ultimate attack but giving her twice as many powers as the other gods depending on which “stance” you have Hel in at the time. Hel was said to have been born with the light shining on one side of her face and shadows on the other and as daughter of Loki, Odin would banish her to her own underworld sending those that have died of sickness and old age to her to do with as she pleased. She has a tendency to take care of those that were good while discarding the evil to frozen Niflheim.

~Passive Ability- Stance Attunement- as she stays in a “stance” Hel will get more powerful as she attunes herself more towards the light or more towards the dark gaining up to 20% more power in either healing or damage

~Decay/Restoration- Hel’s first ability in the darkness is Decay where she shoots a ball of darkness at her enemies that will explode harming all enemies within a certain area. If she is in the light stance then the ball is of light and harms one enemy while healing herself.

~Hinder/Cleanse- In Hel’s dark stance she will cast this ability on a spot on the ground this spot will slow all enemies within it as well as reduce their magical protection. If she is in her Light stance this same ability become an area of cleansing which will eliminate crowd control abilities on her allies while buffing them so that they will have a short immunity from any CC.

~Repulse/Inspire- Hel creates a burst of drk energy that damages all enemies nearby or creates a burst of light energy that heals and increases movement speed of allies in the area

~Switch Stance- Instead of a 5th ultimate attack Hel has the ability to switch from Dark to Light stance, in dark stance she gains Magic Power and in light stance she gains MP5, the higher the level of her switch stance ability the more she gains.

Here is the link to Hel’s Wiki


Number 4- Scylla- the Horror of the Sea- Mage Class

standardscylla_cardScylla is from Greek mythos and more exactly from the book the Odyssey by Homer. Scylla is both described as a horror in the seas that has tentacles that end in hounds heads and in other books as a beautiful young naiad who was turned into this horror by Cersei the witch. Some myths say she was born as such a horror. She is usually associated with the giant whirlpool and beast known as Charybdis. Basically in a narrow body of water on one side you had Charybdis that would pull ships down and under the sea into a creature’s mouth or you could go closer to shore and possibly get attacked by Scylla, it was a sea farers version of between a rock and a hard place to be sure. In SMITE Scylla has the form of a lovely young lady but under her dress and hidden under the ground she walks upon are huge tentacles with hellhound like heads attached to the ends.

~Passive Ability- Quick Learner- This passive ability gives scylla extra bonuses to her other abilities once she has master rank in them. She also receives 20 extra magical power for each max ability rank she has

~Sic ‘em- This ability sends two of her tentacles under the ground to grab and wrap up an opponent, this will damage, root and cripple the first opponent hit. At max rank two more enemies can be hit close by the first one.

~Crush- This is an area of effect ability creating an area of slow against opponents that after a short time will explode causing damage. At max rank enemies in the area also have their magical protection reduced and if hit by the explosion are slowed an extra time.

~Sentinel- this lets you plant a sentinel (basically one of your tentacle hounds) bursts from the ground in the desired area. This hound will let you see your enemies from further away for 5 seconds and if you trigger the power again before the 5 seconds are up you will teleport to the sentinel.

~I’m a Monster- Scylla shows all her lovely puppies and gains a movement bonus as well as being immune to CC during this time. She gets one powerful attack and if she kills a god with it she gets another attack. At max rank her speed bonus doubles

This is her wiki-


Number 3- Isis- Egyptian Goddess of Magic (not a terrorist group)- Mage Class

isisIsis is the egyptian goddess of magic with the god of the earth as her father and the goddess of the sky as her mother. Isis was the wife of Osiris and together they ruled over Egypt fairly and were loved by all. Isis knew the true names for all things as true names hold magical power over what is named. Isis is also known as the mother of all Pharos as she had to quest to save her husband after his brother Set had killed him and chopped him to pieces and scattered him all over Egypt. Once she had almost all pieces she brought him back and their love produced a son Horus who would avenge his father against the evil Set.

~Passive Ability- Funeral Rites- Isis shares HP5 and MP5 with nearby allies. For every player death she sees she gains stacks up to 10 max which means more MP’s and HP’s shared per stack.

~Wing Gust- Isis beats her wings sending four gusts of wind out to magically damage enemies in front of her. During this time Isis is immune to root and knockback and has her movement speed increased without the typical backpedal penalty kicking in.

~Spirit Ball- Isis throws a ball of power forward which can be exploded at any point in it’s path by hitting the activation button again. The further the spirit ball travels the better damage it creates. When it explodes it will damage and stun enemies within the range of the blast.

~Dispel Magic- an AOE spell Dispel Magic basically debuffs your enemies. This will Slow enemies, knock off a small bit of their magical protection and silences them! Allies in the area affected by the Passive Funeral Rites ability will gain magical protection while this is in effect. No actual damage is done by this spell.

~Circle of Protection- Isis slams her staff into the ground and a large AOE circle is cast around her. This is her ultimate ability and it will do the following. It stays for 5 seconds unless you detonate it early, while it is in existence it will lessen the damage any allies within the circle take, any damage dealt within the circle charges the staff till it explodes. When the staff explodes it will damage any enemies and heal any allies within the AOE bubble

This is her wiki-


Number 2- Bastet- Egyptian Goddess of Cats- Assassin Class

bastetBastet also known as Bast has always been one of my favorite goddesses of all but then again my family has always had a connection with cats of all sizes. Cats love to lounge around and bask in the sun and Bast is the perfect purring sensual combination of feline and feminine magnificence. While cats are known to laze around they are also diligent hunters and bastet as part of the assassin class embodies this fully. In mythology, she protected her father the sun god Ra on his rounds with the sun from the serpent Apep. She has since become the goddess of hearth and home, worshiped mainly by women wishing for children and those who explore their more sensual aspects of womanhood. She is also a goddess of revelry enjoying the arts and partying and wine, don’t be mistaken though this party kitten still has sharp claws and loves to pounce.

~Passive Ability- Open Wound- If Bastet hits an enemy with her three main abilities they will open a wound on her target for a brief time. If she then hits the target with one of those abilities the ability will hit for extra damage and remove the wound status.

~Pounce- Bastet leaps forward landing on her intended target damaging it and any enemies within a certain radius. For 4 seconds after the initial pounce Bastet stays in a pounce stance which lets her move 25% faster this also lets her pounce back to her original starting spot if you hit the pounce button again though this second pounce does NOT cause any additional damage. This makes for a great hit and run attack as you can pounce for a AOE hit and then pounce back to get out of the way of any reprisals.

~Razor Whip- Bastet uses her whip to strike out in a cone in front of her causing a bleeding wound to all she hits. This causes damage each second for 4 seconds.

~Declaw- Bastet tosses her daggers at her enemies which will detonate against their target damaging and slowing those within a small area.

~Cat Call- This is Bastets ultimate ability. Using this she summons 3 large spectral cats that will pounce and attack nearby targets going first for those that are bleeding.

Bastets wiki page is here

And now without further ado my favorite lovely lady mage of them all right now! number one in our hearts, in our playlist and in this blog:


Number One- Sol- Norse Goddess of the Sun- Mage Class

SolSol was born radiant and lovely and thus named after the sun just as her brother likewise radiant and lovely was named after the moon. Her father was very proud of his children but then again who wouldn’t be, but the gods as usual punished hubris and took the father’s children and made them the drivers of the chariots that pulled what they were named for across the sky. To make sure they did their jobs Odin put the children of the Fenrir forever snapping at their heels. Sol like her namesake is fiery of temper and passion and revels in such on the battlefields.

~Passive Ability-Unstable Manifestation- The basics of this without all the technical terms is basically this. As you hit people and things with your abilities and basic attacks your lovely girl made of flame burns brighter and hotter making her faster and making her hits hit harder. As she stays out of battle this heat dissipates until she is back at her base attack power. So with her the more you attack the better your attacks are.

~Radiance- Sol burns so hot and bright that the ground around her ignites harming any enemies in this AOE and healing Sol for a small amount. This power is great for powering up her passive ability.

~Stellar Burst- I personally LOVE this attack, basically Sol charges up her hands and the next basic attack of a thrown fireball is given extra strength. Instead of just hitting and nothing else happening now sine you’re powered up the fireball you throw explodes when it hits something damaging them then when the explosion gets to it’s outer limit it then implodes sucking that energy back in and damaging the enemies again and slowing them.

~Disapparate- While sounding like something from Harry Potter this is actually a very good way to run away. This gives you increased movement and at the end of it your form dematerialised for a few moments at which point you are immune to all damage. During this you also get immunity from slows and movement penalties. Another great thing is that enemies on your trail get damaged. When your body goes away for those moments your trail also explodes and damages enemies. Believe it or not I have killed gods that were chasing me by hitting this ability and if you have a trinket that gives you magical lifesteal then as the enemies chase you you end up healing yourself at least a little.

~Supernova- Sol’s ultimate strike is really 8 strikes as she unleashes 8 beams of light straight down into the ground. The strikes can move so you could hit 8 different areas or chase your opponent around with them though they hit within moments of each other. The first strike hits for full damage and knockbacks the enemy, any subsequent strikes on the same enemy will be at only 20% damage. One great way to use this is if someone is attacking you use this power to knock the enemy into range of a tower and then let the tower hit them a few times and if you’re lucky you can get the kill in with a well placed Stellar Burst attack before they can get away from the tower!

Here is the Sol Wiki-


Those are the awesome lovely goddesses that I play with on a daily basis in this game! What are your gods of choice for this game? Do you have certain builds you like more than others when it comes to weapons and items for the gods? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Before I leave you though here are a few of the alternate skins I either already have (sol, bastet) or want (Isis). Have a great day and I hope to meet you on the battlefield as an ally!

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7 thoughts on “My top 5 SMITE Goddesses

  1. Ok, so I am going to whoop a bit about Hel, because I was just reading a Norse Mythology book and stumbled over her a few days ago. I’m glad to see she sounds just as interesting here as she sounded in the book. These articles actually made my download the Windows version of SMITE to try my hand at playing it. I think I’ll probably make puppy eyes at my best friend and have her install it as well so we can have fun together.

  2. My social anxiety extends to MOBA games and because of people like your BlueFalcon guy I don’t play them much. It sucks that people just can’t have fun because others are taking things wayy to seriously. That being said, the goddesses look so awesome. I’m obsessed with the character graphics. I love when PCs are based off of mythology or historical characters. If this ever comes out on mac maybe I’ll try my hand at playing it.

    1. Looking at some message boards on SMITE it seems that if you run a program on mac called bootcamp or some such thing that you can indeed play SMITE on a mac….as for people like Blue Falcon::glares at them:: the good thing is there are few and far between on the games now a days I think…or at least on SMITE there are. There are actual ways to report people in smite though I’m not sure how and that will cost them their ummmm “favor” with the gods so to speak and that will decrease what they win in each category (followers, xp and favor) so it pays to be nice in this game. Also if they are stupid like BF then you can also report them to XBox like I did…they said they did something about this…not sure what but hopefully it will be something that may deter this type of thing from happening to others.

  3. This is a really interesting and useful top for new players like me.. As I see the Mage is really powerful like in any other game.. THANKS!

    1. As like in many games the mages do tend to be powerful as all get out…..just remember one thing as a mage…dont be afraid to run from confrontations. While powerful mages are also very squishy characters and one well placed combo will burst you like the balloon you are.

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