One thing I love as a writer are well written strong women characters. For too long women were given a backseat to other heroes. There were a few exceptions through the years but for the most part the women started to get a bigger and better role in things around the time I was a teen. Around this time the women were no longer simply sidekicks but were starting to get super teams together or stepping up to become as popular as the more well known women like Wonder Woman and ummm well yeah that was it really for DC. So here are a few of my favorites.


fire_and_ice_by_crimsonsea-d34ivkuFire and Ice- While these are two different Heroes they are typically seen together. Having served together on the Global Guardians Fire and Ice became great friends. Fire is a Brazilian lady who at one point was a model. She is also able to fly and turn her entire body into a flaming green plasma. Ice was from a group of magical Ice People that lived in the mountains of Norway. Ice is basically a princess but she had no real contact with the outside world until the Global Guardians. Eventually the Guardians were disbanded and Fire and Ice now best friends went on to serve with the Justice league International. While most of the JLI seemed to be a joke to me I however held Fire and Ice in high regard compared to the rest.

ravenRaven- You can say that you have had daddy problems but until your dad is the demon Trigon you don’t know what a problem is. Raven has had to keep her dad from taking her over and keeping herself in a zen like state and the whole time she was instrumental in getting the new Teen Titans together. While raven was instrumental in getting the team together she allowed Nightwing to lead the team she was the one that got everyone together again.



Starfire_005Starfire- an alien princess that can’t return home Starfire was a member of the new Teen Titans and girlfriend of NightWing. While she was a very naive character she was also a very refreshing character. She was strong willed and able to hold her own in any fight. She even became a model for a while and indeed she had the body and exotic looks to wow any man. She was able to fly and shoot “starbolts” from her hands




Unfortunately I have never been a huge DC fan and most of the stronger Woman characters always have some sort of major flaw that completely turns me off to them. The best DC women tend to be the baddies in my opinion and personally that turns me off to them since I like looking for good female characters that a young girl could look up to.

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Fire and Ice: User CrimsonArtz on deviantART



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