3c2c38a32a3d3aefa80fe5e20c86865fName: Mara Kasdeya
Clan Affiliations by Blood: Clan Drachenstalker, House Kasdeya,
Shadow Affiliations: House Blood, House Everhate, House Thalra. House Cobreal
Parents: Decideon Drachenstalker (Father), Kasdeya (Mother)
Race: Half Dragon Demi-god, Half Shadow Demon
Height: 5’4” / Weight: 110lbs
Skin: Pale White  / Hair: Red down to mid-back
Eyes: Green or Gold  / Tattoos: None
Other: Dragon/Demon wings, tail, horns
Powers: Limited Shapeshifting, Magic, Shadow Control

A member of what’s being known as the Shadow Blood. These people are either of the newer forgotten generations or have been banished from their families for one reason or another. They still pay homage to the houses of their blood and the houses their parents or grandparents were brought into, but while they still praise those houses and follow their examples they most likely will never be known by them.

Mara is a Second Generation member of the realms known as Rhydin. Her father s_anneli_by_anotherwanderer-d973wtkDeciedon was born there to Talon Drachenstalker and Avalon Rose. Talon was from the realms of Rhydin where he is a Dragon God and Deciedon is a Demi-god. Mara’s mother Kasdeya is a Demoness Queen which means she holds power similar to the regular gods however she is from a shadowed land known only as Limbo where her powers reign supreme. Deciedon had been an envoy to Limbo as it was a major gateway to the Web of Time where most of the inhabitants of Draxis went to hide after the Shadow Wars until it was prophesied they could go back and reclaim their lands. While within these lands Deciedon found himself following in his father’s footsteps by taking on a second wife for political reasons. The deals were finalized and Deciedon was expected to spend half of each year with his wife Kasdeya in Limbo and the other half in the Web of Time with his Atalan Princess Shandathel. This deal secured the Web of Times borders as Kasdeya protected them with her demon hordes keeping out all Shadow incursions before they could happen.

During his time in Limbo Deciedon and Kasdeya had a daughter that they named Mara. ab455350659eb1b30f102af767fc64c7When she was the tender age of 18 she was kidnapped during a Shadow raid and taken back to Scartaris as a war prize for the leader of the Shadows. She was kept in a cage and was only known to have been Kasdeya’s daughter…if word had reached the Shadows as to whose granddaughter she was well the possible things to happen to her are too horrid to think of. Instead everyone called her demoness though her tail, wings and horns were as much Draconic in nature as Demon. She learned during this time a limited form of shapeshifting to hide these demonic traits when she was sent out into public by her new masters.

The lord of the Shadows kept her as his pet for over a thousand years until finally they were tracked down by Deciedon and the rest of the Clan Drachenstalker who were hellcaged_demon_fiorentina bent on freeing her and any other captives they could. The battle was finally going the way of the Drachenstalker Clan when the leader of the Shadows decided they must flee and gave his caged demoness a spell that would send them to safety. She tried to cast the spell from the parchment but it was so hard to read with all the commotion going on and her master constantly poking her and telling her to hurry. Finally she got to the last word and an explosion sounded breaking in the doors of the room and sending her cage toppling to the ground. She started to speak the last word but only got some of it out as she knocked her head on the cage side.

A large blue pool opened in the air above them, the binding word on the spell though had not been said fully and so streaks of yellow and red lightning danced in the pool. A suction began to pull all in the room up into the portal so the attackers quickly fled back into the hallway as the defenders jumped towards the unstable portal not realizing it was unstable. Deciedon made it to the door just in time to see the cage with his unconscious daughter slip into the portal losing her to him once more. Due to the unstable nature of the portal all that disappeared within it were sent to different destinations.

Mara’s exit portal opened deep in the forests of Rhydin as her blood called out for the volition_caged_demon_fiorentinalands that her father called home, that she had visited during her vacations before being kidnapped. The area was a small hidden hot spring that used to hold a temple to Jastan the Hunter an Elder God who had left the lands millennia ago but whose magics were still powerful as he slept. Mara’s cage was violently thrown from the portal and bounced along the landscape tossing Mara all around. Finally the cage broke open throwing Mara to the ground one draconic wing sliding into the cold water of the spring as she laid there stunned the ruins of her cage all around her.

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