Kyra Rose Kartane Bio

rose3Name: Kyra Rose Kartane
Race: Human Demon mix
Height: 5’4”  Weight: 105lbs
Skin: Pale White  Eyes: Blue/Black   Hair: Black
Occupation: Assassin / Sorceress
Prefered Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Secondary Weapon: Magical Dagger
Magic Elements: Fire, Shadow, Darkness





Many years ago the Kartane family came to the realms of Rhydin. They didn’t stay there long though as they had trouble fitting in most places. You see the twins Avalon Rose Kartane and her brother Razor Kartane were cursed. Their entire family in fact was cursed. The magic in the family always created twins but it also cursed the families magic with ice. Avalon was gifted with the power of Fire and Razor with water but both would have Ice flow through their magics and take them over. Another interesting twist was that the members of this family could only be with those who had magic in their blood and who truly loved them otherwise their blood would freeze and they would die.

The Kartanes did not stay in the realms for long, Razor disappeared never to be heard from again. Avalon took her leave with the members of the group known as the White Phoenix that was under the command of the Dragon God Talon Drachenstalker. Talon tried to help Avalon with her curse but even his magics could not budge something that was ingrained into her family for so many generations. However during her time in the realms of Draxis Avalon finally met one who truly loved her and who had magic in their veins, a demon named Chathoder Starsmore. Chath and Avalon were together for several years and eventually Avalon had twins the girl she named Kyra Rose Kartane and the boy she named Kyler Rain Kartane. Kyler took after the rest of the family and had one magical element at his command Wind but it was tainted with Ice. However Kyra named after her grandmother (one of the Draxian goddesses) was another thing altogether.

rose5Kyra took after her father and somehow the Ice Curse of the Kartanes was not nearly as strong in her, perhaps because of the demon blood that seems to run deeply within her but not as much her brother. Kyra has control of fire just like her mother but thanks to her father she also controls shadows and darkness with her magic. The Ice Curse still affects her magic but she seems to be able to control what it does to her magics which no one has been able to do before in the history of the Kartane family. So far she has not tempted fate when it comes to relationships.

Kyra took to her dark magic very swiftly and at a young age. Due to this the three main rulers of the Shadows that have allied with the forces of the White Phoenix and Clan Drachenstalker decided to teach many of their tricks to her. She is an expert at making inanimate objects out of the shadows just like Cyren, from Cyrsie she learned how to use shadow magic in conjunction with alchemy. From the third of the sisters Casmira she learned how to become an excellent assassin and has used her skills to become one of Casmira’s most trusted lieutenants. For a race that is not of the shadows this is almost unheard of. Kyra enjoys sniping her targets from a distance with an enchanted bow that rose6allows its arrows to shadow port partway to the target thus making it where she can hit from a longer distance. If this fails Casmira gifted her with the twin to her own enchanted blade. This blade has a dull edge but is magically crafted to steal the energy from the muscles it touches upon. This means it can damage and kill without leaving a single mark.

Normally Kyra looks like a normal human just with pale white skin and black hair. She has icy blue eyes but this can change with her mood. Due to the demon half of her blood if she lets herself get angry or if she calls forth her demonic powers her eyes will turn from ice blue to the deepest ink black, when this happens she will seem to be swathed in a mist made of shadows and darkness.


Character is Created and Owned by Kevin Coryell and Played by Amanda Gayle

All pictures are owned by their respective artist and no infringement intended; images are just used as reference for other players to know what she looks like. If you know who the artist is I will gladly give them credit in this blog or remove upon their request. Images were found with random google searches.


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4 thoughts on “Kyra Rose Kartane Bio

  1. The description reads like a nice story, but it leaves me with a couple of questions. Firstly, I do not understand the curse. What exactly does “would have Ice flow through their magics and take them over” mean?

    Also, for what game was this character created? It looks to me somewhat like an AD&D campaign with a generous amount of house rules. The only direct reference I found for the name Ryndin was regarding a very old AOL game which was probably played in free form.

    1. Rhydin is a freeform AOL RP area…’s still around kind of though now a days most of the RP has devolved into just an excuse to cyber whereas back in 94 through about 2007 there were many many forums that created their own guilds and war rules that you could join. Amanda and I used to use this system extensively to flesh out our story characters by seeing how they would react in various situations and building their personalities in this way.

      As for the curse the way it was initially described to me was basically how it was described there. However when I played as Avalon Katrane I was able to focus the curse more to make it a bit more streamline and decisive…I played Avalon for a while even though her brother was gone very shortly after we started the SL. in short things like the following would happen

      ::Avalon conjured a fireball and threw it at the band of Orcs in the distance it continued to expand as it moved and partway there the Kartane curse took hold transforming the huge ball of fire into a huge ball of ice and snow that bowled down her opponents::

      She would also make ice sculptures by first creating them similar to how Pyro in the x-men could control the flames but then the curse would take over and make her magical fire into pure ice…it was quite interesting trying to figure out how to use this curse to it’s fullest

  2. Amazing character Kyra Rose! I’d love to explore more things about her in detail. I must say that you have great imagination for all this kinda stuff. Please create more characters, I would love to read about them. Thanks.

  3. Kyra Rose sounds like a very interesting character. I loved reading about her and discovering her story. She made me look back to my own RP characters from the times when I was just getting the hang of things and enjoying RP so much more than I do nowadays what with all the rigors and constraint put by the more famous RPers on the less popular ones ( I mostly RP on tumblr now and sometimes I long for a community that is less aggressive and more easy going and friendly. Even the nicer fandoms on tumblr have started becoming snobbish )

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