Kong on the Planet of the Apes

Welcome back everyone! This week we have 3, count em, 3 comic reviews all brought to you by the awesome peeps over at Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala, Florida. Just a few side notes before we get going here. You may notice some things coming out slower around this time of year and I do apologize about this, but as I am sure you know this is mainly a one man operation for the most part when it comes to the blogs and we just had my 2 year Cancer scans (all clear and a lovely story for another blog), Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up as well as my 40th birthday in January. This is also mixed in with an expanding lineup of blogs as we start to branch back out into game and TV reviews like we used to do and an expansion in our activities with Relay for Life which just started back up last month. We’re also starting our own anti-cancer campaign called Cancel Cancer which I’ll be blogging about more later. Also before we get into our review of the first comic, I want to let you guys know that Vibranium is having a Friendsgiving Pot Luck on Sunday the 19th of this month. Some come on down and bring some food and join us all in geeky friendship! Find the times by stopping by their facebook page by clicking the banner above and check out their website by clicking the banner on the bottom of the page.

So, our first comic this week is one called “Kong on the Planet of the Apes”. I know, I know, it sounds almost like King Kong is critiquing the Planet of the Apes movies, but I assure you it’s not a boring crossover like that. This one is a cool little flashback to the original Planet of the Apes series, so don’t go into this looking for Ceasar or anyone like that. This cast is the old guard like Doctor Zaius and Cornelius and I think that’s a pretty cool thing considering that old movie created a huge franchise with several movies and a tv series and tons of toy figures.

This should be an interesting little comic series as it starts out with the iconic shot of the Statue of Liberty that has fallen. I remember well the first time I saw the character that Charlton Heston played dropping to his knees upon seeing this iconic scene and cursing those “Damned Dirty Apes”. In this case though, we see the apes getting ready to blow the hell out of the statue and leave no spec of it for anyone to find. Instead though, we have some apes come up over the hill and tell the others they found something. This something is a huge dead ape!

So I don’t want to give too much away, but the scientists who were disgraced in the movies are called in. After some findings were made, it’s said that it’s believed that when something this large is around for 2000 years that there must be a whole species or at the very least more than one of them. So a group of guard apes and the scientists get ready and set sail to find Skull Island and see these giant apes for themselves. On the way, they will meet with another group of apes from another continent before getting back on their way again.

All in all I loved this comic. It was a great retro throw back and the mashup actually made a lot of sense in this case. For any Kong lover or original Planet of the Apes lover I would say go out and buy this comic NOW!

What did you guys think of this comic or this mashup? Sound off below in our comments section and let your voice be heard!

2 thoughts on “Kong on the Planet of the Apes

  1. Did you give Doctor Zaius his own tag? How often will that tag get used?

    Anyway, I would have thought a crossover like this to be trash which doesn’t rung true to either franchise. The way you described the set up, thus actually made some sense and worked in the tones of both.

    1. I Tag whatever I think might be a good searchable thing that google can use to find the site!

      Anyway yeah I was kinda skeptical too as I am not usually fond of crossovers as so many don’t make sense. This one however had a good lead up and I think makes good sense.

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