Kittens Rant: WWE Whose the good guy again?

Hey everyone, your favorite Kitten is back with a blog about the WWE. Yeah, that’s right, I am taking on the juggernaut that is WWE and mentioning just one of the problems I am seeing inherent in their product today. I will most likely have a few more coming to you soon so you have been warned mwahahahahahaha.

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So just to start, I have been watching the WWE since the early to mid ‘90s. I have always been a huge fan ever since Kevin got me hooked on it back in middle school and high school. One of the greatest things back then was that you always knew where the various wrestlers stood. This guy was a babyface (good guy) and that guy was a Heel (Bad Guy) and for the most part it never really changed. Now, of course, every so often the Baby Face could turn Heel but that was rare (though Baby faces can do Heelish things when frustrated and not become heel). Sometimes you ended up with an interesting dynamic of a Baby Face wrestler with a Heel manager who would cheat to help the Baby Face win and then sometimes you had Heel wrestlers with Heel managers. One interesting thing was that most managers were not Baby Faces since they usually helped their people in underhanded ways however the lovely girls that served as Valets usually were baby Faces back in the day.

The big thing is that as long as you watched the shows you knew who was good and who was bad and you could cheer for whoever you want and boo whoever you want. Today the only real person to receive such a reaction is John Cena who is a major babyface but gets booed as much as some of the top heels at times depending on what city they are in. Back in the day these wrestlers usually spent years, maybe even a decade or their entire career as a Heel or Babyface. Look at Hulk Hogan..he was a Babyface until he came out with the NWO and turned on everyone in the WCW.

Nowadays you don’t have that longevity in a wrestlers character. Just look at how often the people jump from Babyface to Heel. You never know from week to week how someone’s going to act it seems. For a month or two someone will be praising the crowd and making bold good statements and then the next time you see him suddenly he’s insulting the very fans he sucked up to the week before. Again the only one who has not gone through this has been John Cena and perhaps the Undertaker (though you could argue his transition from Deadman to American Badass and back was a Heel-Face-Heel turn). Now a days especially when it comes to the women’s division it seems everyone is bipolar as they just seem to flop back and forth on a whim (though lately if your a woman other than Rhonda Rousey it seems that you have to be pushed as a Heel to be champ but that’s for a different rant). I think the fact that the WWE keeps getting the lowest ratings ever lately I think this plays a big part in it. You see when people get invested in a show its normally because they become invested in a character. You like something about them and how they act and what they do. People also have a tendency to resist change. Just look at how the WWE tried to make Becky Lynch a heel and how the crowd refused to boo her basically making her a female Stone Cold Steve Austin in the way she acts and how everyone reacts to her.

I think the WWE has forgotten that you can still have ‘face vs face battles’ over misunderstandings and such and then heel vs heel is always fine too since heels are always backstabbing each other or being sneaky. For instance, while I hear that Daniel Bryan is doing a good heel turn I’m really not interested in seeing it as to me I will always remember and love the Yes Movement so I don’t want to spoil that. Also, I remember Dean Ambrose as the loveable unstable anti-hero so I don’t want to see him making the speeches about being afraid of the dirty audiences diseases or whatever. The constant changes just don’t interest me. I mean I was leery about Seth Rollins turning face as he was such a great heel as part of the Authority and while it has been working I still think he would be better as a heel whereas Dean is a great Anti-Hero in the Style of Stone Cold. I was disappointed when the Uso’s went all gangster especially since it seems that with the Bar and the Bash Brothers and AOP and everyone else it seems the Tag Team division is full of heels and the only real faces are mostly jobbers to get the heels some heat and get them over.

What the WWE needs to do is develop their characters better and give us some stability in them. Perhaps then if we start getting back to the good old days of larger than life characters that we could rely on, perhaps then the WWE will start to get their ratings back.

Do you guys agree? I want to hear from you so comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Kittens Rant: WWE Whose the good guy again?

  1. I stopped watching WWE when Undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. It was one of the biggest mistakes they made.

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