Kitten’s Rant: Sony Exclusive in New Avengers Game

We are BACK my precious kittens! So many things have been happening here in DraxisWeb with us trying to get a new YouTube channel started for our gaming stuff that things have just been a little harder to get to for other things but here we are back with a new rant and it’s one that has to do with….Drumroll please….Sony and Spider-Man!

Wait…wait….didn’t we already do this? Nope, this is a new one!

It has been announced that the new Avengers game coming out later this year will have a Sony PlayStation exclusive coming in 2021 in the form of Spider-Man! So only people who play this on the PlayStation will have the chance to use this character…sorry XBox and PC players but you’re out of luck.

I’ve already seen people complaining about this but let’s be honest is this really any different than what game companies do every damn day? Doesn’t Smite have certain skins that you can only get for playing on XBox, PlayStation, Nintendo or for attaching a Twitch account? Doesn’t Fortnite have Playstation and XBox only skins and packs? Hell, some games are exclusive to only one system. So why not have a DLC character exclusive to only one system and it’s not even like this is the first time something has happened like this. Take a look back at the Soul Calibur games where they had extra characters that were different for the game based on what Console you played on! When you think about it when Sony gets hold of such an important character from a group and owns their own Console doesn’t it just make sense for them to ask for it to be made exclusive for them? I mean isn’t competition one of the basic principals of capitalism and thus it makes sense to not share huge things like this because you’re trying to win the Console wars?

So, until we become a one console world don’t expect the exclusives whether it be games, DLC’s or characters to stop. This is here to stay for as long as there will be console wars, which let’s be honest, as long as we live in a capitalist society the console wars will never end and we’ll just keep shoveling the money into multiple consoles, multiple versions of the same game and multiple online subscriptions so we can play the same game with our friends between consoles. Let’s just be thankful more games don’t do like Pokemon and put out two separate versions of the same exact game just with exclusive characters for them on the same damn system (though honestly, this surprises me it’s not already a thing outside of Pokemon).

So, until next time when we talk about *Looks at paper* g’damn it….Sony again it seems and why Smite doesn’t have cross progression in its skins yet does have cross-play! So yeah that rant will be coming up soon.  Until then, stay safe everyone, stay healthy, and if you enjoy our game rants and want to help support them then check out our DraxisWeb Gaming Patreon HERE and our DraxisWeb Gaming YouTube channel HERE!

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