Kittens Rant: Soaring 50’s in Fornite. Should it become the norm?

Hello, hello, hello all my loyal followers out there and welcome back to my kittens rant where we will once more be taking on the machine that has become Fortnite. Now in this blog, I’m not going to go and dis on Fortnite, because I actually have become kinda hooked on it as of late (although I will say that Sony not opening up crossplay is a load of hot garbage but that’s for another blog another time) What I will be focusing in on right now is a bit of Fortnite that I think should become permanent in all modes!


What’s going on is recently they replaced the 50 vs 50 that they had been working with this whole season for the battlepass with something called the Soaring 50’s. This is another version of 50 vs 50 but it has the added element that if you fall from heights you can redeploy your glider and land safely. Now of course there are some idiots who go and fall to their deaths still but that’s completely on them…no longer is there a case of “Help i’m stuck on a huge hill and have no materials to build down with!” The gliders also give you a new way to outrun the storm that is not always possible on foot. However, with the gliders, if the storm is gaining on you just run and build up a nice little sky tower and then jump and glide head of the storm to safety.

I have been playing Fortnite on and off (mainly on ever since this season started) for about a year now and to be honest, this is the most natural feel for getting around the map I have ever had! Sure shopping carts are fun and there’s nothing like rolling an ATV off a cliff and somehow not having it explode, but I LOVE being able to take a running dive off a cliff to escape someone that’s chasing me. I love saying “heck with running around the mountain I’m going up this bastard and then jumping for it!” The gliders just give a very natural way to go around the map that just feels right.

This would also set Fortnite apart from most of its competition (except for one coming up which I will mention in a second). H1Z1 and PUBG both have players parachuting into the map with more control on where you land with PUBG over H1Z1. Fortnite however has these cool gliders some of which you have to pay to get anywhere from $5 to $12 (check out my other blog about the skin costs to see more about this). The big problem is you can buy these glider skins and then you see them for a whole 5-30 seconds depending on where and how you are landing and to me that just doesn’t seem worth a few dollars here and there. However, if you have a mode like Soaring 50’s where gliders can come out every few seconds for a few seconds then you have to start looking at your gliders strategically. For example, you may not want to use the Rescue Boat or Viking Lama Boat gliders because they are both very noisy between motors and paddles and could alert your foes to an incoming dive bomb attack! But have a cool black spike studded quieter glider to go with th awesome Ace outfit that you can get for $4.99 right now and you have a glider that is almost stealth as you land behind an opponent and shotgun them in the back of the head! Gliders as part of your strategy makes sense! In fact it makes so much sense that the new Call of Duty Blackout mode has given you a version of this in a winged bodysuit. So if you jump off a building in Blackout then you become like a little flying squirrel and can glide down further away.

Fortnite keeps trying to find ways to stand out and I think this is a natural way to do it. It encourages building to make skyramps that will leave you hungry for materials at the end of the game. It also forces the gun fights as if someone is paying attention you can’t win the game by making them fall by just destroying a tower they are in. While building is all good I do think that it overshadows the gunplay and I think it needs to be balanced out. This could balance things since it forces the gunplay in some forms instead of knocking your opponents with the tower destruction….it also makes for easier landings if you use your mini-rift. I don’t know if the rift will last in the game until Season 6 but if it does imagine being in solo and landing on that huge spike of a mountain by Dusty Divot. Unless you have materials then it’s a hard way to come down unless you’re in Soaring mode in which case get up there with a rift…do some sniping…when you’re finally spotted jump off the cliff and soar down into the woods below. It makes so much sense to do this and to make this a permanent thing in all modes that I personally think it should be spread into all modes. I would love to play singles in this style and I barely ever play singles! They really need to make this a permanent feature I think!

So what do you guys think of this style of play? Would you like to see it stick around or do you want to see people fall off of mountains still?

2 thoughts on “Kittens Rant: Soaring 50’s in Fornite. Should it become the norm?

  1. Have you noticed the trend on battle royale kind of games nowadays? I feel like if you wanna become a booming developer you should start investing in games that give off the kind of fun battle royal-esque kind of games give off. I think it’s particularly fun for a certain crowd and to extent I find it fun but I wouldn’t stop my day to just play it not like some people. But I guess whatever floats your boat, right?

    1. Battle Royale is the big thing right now. It used to be MOBA then it was heading towards the Overwatch type of gameplay but I think Fortnite kinda sidetracked it away from that style. With anything gaming it’s just a fad style that will stick around for a few years and then fade away however people who do it right like Fortnite has are going to come away with big bucks from it.

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