Kittens Rant: Skin Prices in Fortnite

Welcome back everyone here’s your favorite Kitten coming back at you with my newest rant! One of the biggest games in the world right now, especially on Twitch and other streaming sites, is Fornite -but especially Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode which sees 100 players dropped onto a map where they have to find weapons and things to build with and then end up the last one surviving. While I’m not the best at this game, I do find it fun my only problem is I like to have certain skins and I think in some ways some skins could help. In many ways I am a skin hog, I love to collect skins and such things in games so I can switch out to represent my mood. I however have yet to buy any through Fornite and the reason why is the reason for this rant.

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So in games I love being able to change my skins or the looks of my ships or tanks or whatever. I like being able to reflect my moods in my characters. I also like to have a female character that reflects who I prefer to be in games. While silly, most times I swear that female characters a lot of times are programmed to be that split second faster and more agile than the big burly men and I like that in a fighting game. However, in a game like Fortnite what I like is to have dark clothes and dark hair, maybe even a dark skinned character. This way I can blend in to more things a bit more readily. Right now, I finally got a camo skin from Twitch Prime but before that, I had a free founders pack that allowed me to use a female skin instead of just a randomized skin since they don’t let you customize your character for the Battle Royale side. Since PVE comes out later this year for free, I have not spent the 40 bucks to get a founders pack so I’m not sure how customization and skins work on that side so right now we’ll only be talking for the Battle Royale side of things.

Like many free games, Fornite has a currency that lets you buy in game things and like many free games these in game transactions are skin and cosmetic only and do not help you win the game. However, I think a nice camo skin rather than the bright white shirt I had been stuck with might help a little at least. So what I want to do now is compare the prices for these in game currencies against another game I play a lot of known as SMITE.

Fornite= VBucks

1000 2,800 7,500 13,500
$9.99 $24.99 $59.99 $99.99

Smite= Gems

200 400 800 1500 2500 3500 8000
$4.99 $7.99 $14.99 $25.99 $35.99 $49.99 $99.99

So the first thing that really stands out at least to me is the fact that there are a lot more choices in Smite than with Fortnite, this means a lot less chances of having to buy too many of the in game currency for what you are trying to buy. So now we want to look at the typical prices for the skins and what they actually give you for the money they cost. This time let’s look at the Smite game first since that has a lot more choices once again.

Smite skins are divided into 5 tiers. Tier 1 skins are what comes with the god that you are playing as. These are free as long as you own the god so in many ways these don’t count, included in this skin is the base voice pack as well as the base animations. There is one of these per god. Tier 2 skins usually cost about 100 gems (which you can earn with subsequent daily logins for about 2 weeks) This tier 2 skin is basically a recolor of the Tier 1 skin with nothing extra. Then we get Tier 3 skins which have a new look for the skin but no new animations and these run about 250 gems. Tier 3 skins have new looks and new voice packs as well as new animations for things. Now the voice packs have to be bought separately from the skin but in Smite you get every voice pack for the skins you own for 200 gems per character so really not that bad a price. Tier 3 skins cost around 300-400 gems usually. Then for around 600 gems you can get a Tier 4 skin these skins are like the tier 3’s but have something extra to them still. Like the Tier 3s they have their own voice packs. The Tier 4 skins are somewhat animated. Then there is the coveted Tier 5 Skins…most of these skins will require the $100 gem purchase. However to get this skin you’re usually buying around 20 plus tier 2 and 3 skins as well as many little filler things like fountain skins and jump stamps and such and then you get the Tier 5 for “free”. The tier 5 skin is one that is fully animated and changes from one form to another during the game usually has about 3 or 4 different variations between the two main looks.

So for Smite you have skins that range from about $4.00 to $15.00 for the main skin but the more expensive ones get really good perks like animations and voices. In Fortnite, we see some of the really good skins get backpacks that go with them….yay? We also see pickaxes from $8 to $15 for a pickaxe! Now some pickaxes are cool and have little animations but to have them the same amount as a full skin is ridiculous. We also see special gliders that range from $8 to $15 worth of V-Bucks and while gliders ar cool unless you are playing the Soar mode you only see and use the glider for a total of what like 10-30 seconds at most! So if you want a full set of something, Skin, Back Bling, Glider and Pick Axe…this full set can run you from about $36 to $45 dollars since only the bigger ones have them all. You can get skins for as low as 500 V-Bucks or $5 but most of those do not have any matching gear until you get about to the $12 range where they start coming with the back bling.

So when you compare the two you can see that the better value is SMITE but even then this can run up quite a bill if you’re not careful or if you find a lot of skins you enjoy. Microtransactions like this are already expensive and most games have enough things that you end up spending more than the price of a full priced normal game. Even compared to most of these other games though the V-Bucks are expensive comparatively and the skins cost even more. Now we at Draxisweb play Fortnite but we have been sticking to skins from the Battle Pass or what we can afford through VBucks won on the save the world side of the game. Mostly we buy emotes as those are only $2-$8 and even that is expensive just to make your character dance, especially if you compare Fortnite dances to Smite dances which run only 200 gems or $5. The smaller the Fortnite emote like a wave or clap runs $2 compared to 50 gems in SMITE. So, no matter how you look at it, if you are spending on VBucks to get things you are spending more in Fortnite than you do most other games. It’s no wonder Epic Games are making around $300 million dollars a month on just Fortnite alone! I often wonder during Fortnight matches how these people afford all of this bling and how much of their debt is due to their video game obsession. It is kinda sad really when you think about it- and the video game industry just keeps capitalizing on it!

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