Kittens Rant: Microtransactions in World of Tanks

Hello all, my name is Kathryn Asano and I am the wife of Kenny Asano and the newest member of the Draxisweb writing team. I started a small rant blog a while ago and never really got much into it. Today I shut down that blog and transfer the few geek blogs over to here seeing as they have a bearing in the whole EA scandal that has been going on since Star Wars Battlefront 2 was tested and then released. So Kittens Rant is being moved here and I am being given full reign to rant about anything Geek I wish to (yeah I don’t know if Kevin knows what he just invited into his site either) Anyway I hope you enjoy the reprint of this blog that was originally posted on March 12 of 2016.


A while back my friend made a very nice blog about a game I have been obsessed with lately called World of Tanks. This is a fun game and it’s free!!!!! YAY IT’S FREE!!!!!  It’s also very much relevant again when you look at the EA Scandal of Loot Boxes and Micro Transactions, the second part of which runs rampant in the World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes games.

So this means I never have to spend a dime on this game?


So it’s not free?

Well it is free as long as you don’t mind being limited to 10 tanks.

You see WOT is your typical Computer/Mobile device type of game you see now a days with Micro Transactions….not really DLC’s mind you because you’re really only paying for one small object that’s already in the game compared to a DLC that has whole maps and story lines and new characters and new weapons and new…..well I think you get the picture.

Anyway here’s the thing with World of Tanks…due to it being free to buy straight out of the chute I don’t mind spending some money on gold to purchase things in game say…maybe once a month. This is because I’m a collector if for no other reason that some day eventually I want to play this game with my son when he is old enough and say “Son look at this tank this is the” and then go off on a tangent by showing him the historical data on the tank and using this game to further my sons education on military history. We can even buy models and such from this game and make them and then do reports on the various tanks….it can be fun and educational. So yeah I don’t mind the microtransactions. But I am noticing that not all the transactions are so micro. You see the other day I saw they had a new tank out for the US for a limited time in the shop (1 week) and you could only get it through gold and the cheapest this tank was in gold was about 7,400 GP…..ok that doesn’t sound like much for in game money HOWEVER lets go and see what this means in real money.

Closest Gold Pack to 7,400…ok that would be 6,500 for $30 (we’ll round up the one penny on everything make the math easier) So that still leaves us with 900 GP we need….well guess what the smallest thing that gets us close is 850 GP for 5 bucks which won’t work or 1250 GP for 7 bucks which will get us there and give us some extra. So at this point we have spent $37 to gain 7,750 GP, so take out the 7,400 for the tank and that leaves us with 350 GP….oh wait we need that 300 GP though for a garage Slot for the tank so we have 50GP left over and we have spent basically $37 on one tank.

But it’s a cool tank right?

Oh yeah super cool…lots of HP, good Armor…fast for being a heavy tank, looks kinda funny.

Does it come with anything else?

Of course not I’m just tallying up the bare bones tank. That’s expensive enough why should I look at the package deals that come with things? OK fine I’ll look at some of the nice “package deals”

Tank + Garage Spot + 100% Trained Crew =7,800 GP. So to get the Garage and the trained crew lets go again to the well…Nearest gold without going over too much is 6,500 for $30. Now add the 1250 for $7 and that still leaves us shy by 50 GP but guess what you can’t buy gold by the GP you can only get packs so at this point add on 850 more gold for $5 and you now have 250 extra GP that won’t buy you much of anything other than maybe some cool decorations for the tank and some premium Ammo…or you can use it to trade in so some Tank XP becomes Free XP OR trade some in for some Silver. So anyway right there you have spent $42 dollars for a tank, the garage space and a fully trained crew…but wait there’s more!

There is?

Of course there is there are package deals where you save a percentage of money…I know because it says so right on the deal like this next one says you save 18% Ooooooooooooo!

So what’s in this package that saves us 18% and what does it do for me and what does it cost me…well lets see.

Tank + Garage + Fully Trained Crew + Large Caliber Tank Gun Rammer (about 200,000-300,000 SP), and 7 days of Premium account (worth 1,250 gp on it’s own) for a grand total OF 8,500 GP. So basically you get a free Gun Rammer and you’re paying an extra 700 gold here…not too bad on the premium time as thats just 50 gold more than what 3 days cost but lets see what we need to pull this bundle of joy off yes? So lets start with the 6,500 for $30 then add in the 1,250 for $7 then we need 750 GP so that means get the 850 for just $5 and for the same price as just the tank you now have the gun rammer and 7 days premium for  $42 dollars and you have 100 extra GP to just toss on the battlefield YAY!

Next Step UP!!!! SAVE 25%

Get the Tank, 1 Garage Space, Fully Trained Crew, 7 days of Premium, 500,000 SP (aprox 1,250 gp right there folks) and then get the Large Gun Rammer (aprox 250K SP), Improved Ventilation Class 3 (aprox 540k SP) and Vertical Stabilizer mk 2 (aprox 500K SP) for a grand total of 11,000 GP!!!!!! WOOHOO YAY WHAT A DEAL!!!!!

But how much is 11K GP in real money?

Oh sorry I got carried away there…lets see…well you can put together two 6,500 GP packages for $30 bucks each and get 13,000 GP so you would spend $60 and have 2K gold left over OR you can go the 12,000 GP route straight off that gives you 1K leftover and only costs let’s see $50!!!!

So let me just put this into perspective because I am also playing Star Wars Battlefront and just recently bought the season pass which was also 50 so let’s go and compare these in a table to see what you get.


  • Star Wars Battlefront for $50
  1. 4 DLC Packs
    1. 2 new heroes per pack
    2. 2 new vehicles per pack
    3. 2 new maps per pack
    4. Several new weapons per pack
    5. New Game Type


  • World of Tanks for $50
  1. 1 New Tank
    1. Fully Trained Crew
    2. A week of Premium
    3. Garage Slot for the tank
    4. 500,000 silver
    5. 3 mods for the tank


Suddenly these Micro-Transactions aren’t seeming to be so Micro now….unless you mean micro in what you get compared to a typical Season Pass DLC. I hesitate to go to the next bit but let’s see what I would end up spending by the time I get all of the US tanks!

So we start with 10 Garage Spaces empty that you can fill with tanks…there is a total of 62 American tanks if you take away the 10 you get right away and then take away the 5 premium tanks it means you get 47 tanks you have to buy garage space for just for America.

1 Garage Space = 300 GP

47 x 300= 14,100 GP

12,000 gp for $30 + 1,250 gp for $7 + 850gp for $5 = $42 dollars for 47 garage spaces

That’s not too bad in the grand scheme of things….less than a dollar per garage space. This is also around the cost of a game and since this is a free game spending that much doesn’t bother me much. So let’s add in the garage space for the remaining 5 american tanks that are premium. Add another 1,500 gp so in this case we’ll add on another 10 dollars for 1,700 gp so we’ll have 200 extra. So $52 dollars gets you all the garage space you need for all of the american tanks always offered on the tech tree.

In this game you have 5 tanks that are premium which means you can ONLY get them by buying them. Adding up their various GP points gets us 23,600 gp. So if you look at the leftovers from the garage spaces that shows us needing only 23,400 gp. So the easiest thing to do here is to just jump to the top of the gold packages and spend $99.99 for 25,000 gp.

So for just 5 tanks you need to spend $100 or the amount of 2 video games!!!!

Add in the garage spaces for everything in the american line and you have $152!!!!!!

It kinda scares me too much to do any more digging but maybe I’ll do it later just for the hell of it anyway. So I’ll leave you with how ridiculous this Micro-Transaction stuff can be and then I’ll put up a second blog that has tables where I put all my research and such for this in just so you can easily see what I saw for the WOT on XBox One!

Love y’all,


(research ect)

850 GP $4.99
1250 GP $6.99
3000 GP $14.99
1,500 GP & 1,500,000 SP $24.99
6,500 GP $29.99
2,500 GP & 2,500,000 SP $38.99
12,000 GP $49.99
5,500 GP & 5,500,000 SP $74.99
25,000 GP $99.99





1 250
3 650
7 1,250
30 2,500
180 13,500
360 24,000


Garage Space 300 GP/per – 1,500 GP/Special –15,600/GP All American Tanks
Locust 900 GP
RAM II 1,750 GP
T14 1,750 GP
T26E4 Super Pershing 7,200 GP
T34 12,000 GP

3 thoughts on “Kittens Rant: Microtransactions in World of Tanks

  1. Welcome!

    I knew that World of Tanks used micro-transactions, but I didn’t realize it was this bad. I put a lot of time into similar game, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. This is a mobile game which is to play has a good deal content for free, but limited time events with exclusive in-game content happen every week, and gathering even half stuff in any given event will require micro-transactions. The business plan is to basically exploit games who collect (or as my wife describes herself, a completionist). The latest versions of the game are no longer compatible my phone, so I’m done with that game for a while. I’ve started playing Pocket Morties now. At least my low level, I am seeing very little push for me to buy micro-transactions.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing your other blog entries.

    1. I’m glad I was able to get Kathryn to move her blog here for this. I used to play WoT all the time and I am one of those that wants to collect all of something in the game. When I saw her post about just how much that would cost I was glad I haven’t played in a while. Course now I’m doing similar in Star Trek Online which is even worse I think in ways as it has true loot boxes compared to what EA had and also in Smite I keep collecting the skins though some of those I have been patient for and just used what I can earn in game.

  2. All the ‘free’ games have these costs, some are more achievable than others for sure. It really pays to look at those costs before dive right into a game. It’s horrid to get in and start enjoying it then find all the extras you need or want or that make the game so much more enjoyable, and work out just how much they will cost you, and find that it is too expensive to continue! I have had that happen a few times. Trouble is when you’re paying a little at a time you often don’t recognise the whole big amount it is costing you in total.

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