Kittens Rant: Fortnite’s New Glider Redeploy

Good morning all and welcome back to my little corner of the All Things Geek webpage where I get to rant about anything I deng well please! So you have seen me do a few rants about the game Fortnite in the past and we even reviewed it for you here on the site but they have recently rolled out a new thing in season 7 that I REALLY need to vent about!


No, I don’t have a problem with Glider Redeploy nor do I have anything against having to find it to use it. What I do have a problem with is how they have implemented it! I mean honestly, I was all for Redeploy I think it is a smart way of moving around the map without having to waste your materials so you can save them for build fights (which I suck at mind you). I loved Redeploy when it worked back in season 6 though it did suck at times if it didn’t open back up which sometimes happen. However, I continued to love it when they got the bugs out of it and kept it in the limited time modes.

What I don’t like is that they take up valuable weapon space in your inventory now! I mean god damn it, Epic Games, we already have too many things from balloons to shields to bandages taking up precious room that I would prefer to keep available for my damn weapons!

See look now you got me practically cursing!

I love filling up with weapons! Give me a Shotgun, Automatic Rifle, Sniper, Rocket or Grenade Launcher and then a slurp juice and I’m ready for anyone who doesn’t just build a tower against me! But now we want to factor in balloons, so yeah they get us around the map well but do I really want to drop a weapon or healing for them? So now I can only have 3 weapons so we drop to a Shotty, Auto, and Sniper…oh but wait now we have to pick up our damn gliders so now I can only work with 2 weapons in my loadout if I want to escape cliffs or move fast across the board and keep healing and the balloons. Sure I could skip balloons but honestly, I like them, it’s fun bouncing over someone’s wall when they try to hide from you and the glider trade-off kinda sucks since they fill two very specific niches in my opinion. To me,  Balloons are used for a good sneak attack and fast moves whereas Gliders are used for a good escape and fast movement.

Let’s be honest here too, we all know Epic vaulted this because people were bitching that the gliders made it too hard to kill people but if I have learned one thing it’s that even with taking evasive maneuvers once you hit the glider you can still easily die! So let’s be honest here people, if you can’t hit someone who just jumped off a cliff then the fault isn’t in the game it’s in your ability to play the damned game! I have been killed more times in glider redeploy than I have been while riding balloons!

So Epic, please do something about this! Maybe make a new slot like what the traps have that has balloons and glider redeploy put in them and still keep them capped. More weapon choices to hold in your inventory means better battles in my opinion. I mean CoD Blackout has glider suits and I betcha those aren’t governed by having to find them (no real clue though since I haven’t played it so please let me know if I’m wrong) It should be easy enough to map a button somewhere to do this, or even make it where it’s something that only comes up in the build menu or has to be scrolled over to like you do your guns…so I guess add an extra slot or two for movement-related objects. I don’t know I just know there must be a better way.

And for a last note on this subject…fix the damned redeploy in your LTM modes. I am tired of getting to normal auto deploy height just to deploy, undeploy, and then deploy again way too low to hit my target. It’s annoying as hell. Hell maybe if you fix that it’ll fix the graphics glitches that are happening with the zip line (though that’s probably more likely tied to the good changes you made to the zip line in all reality) any way you look at it though I have one thing to say…FIX IT!

OK I’m good now…no really I am….I won’t bitch about the horrible scope on the scoped pistol until tomorrow I promise!

Love you all!


5 thoughts on “Kittens Rant: Fortnite’s New Glider Redeploy

  1. I think Epic should try adding another weapon slot for maybe 1 or 2 weeks to see how it affects the game just like they did with glider redeploy.

  2. Also Fortnite Should Make Glider Redeploy Like the first time it came out then Knowone would hate about the item coming With 10 charges And they should make it Fast Like Normal Too?.

    1. I personally loved redeploy when it first came out as long as it worked….sometimes it was a little glitchy but they seem to have worked the bugs out of it

  3. Basically 5 snipers in the game now…

    1: heavy sniper
    2: suppressed sniper
    3 bolt action
    4: hunting rifle
    5 scoped revolver

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