Kittens Rant: An Argument for Gun Control

So in this day and age, we keep seeing in the news that there were school shootings here in my state of Florida and mass shootings at a concert and another shooting it seems every few weeks. When I was a kid we didn’t really worry about this. Now however, is the time to really look closely at things but a certain group as usual just does not want to listen. Now I hate to do this and just shout out “Republicans!” and paint them all under one brush but the fact is for the most part when one of us “Liberal Snowflakes” Calls for Gun Control we see republicans all around the nation cover their ears with their hands and start chanting “Nya Nya Nya Can’t Hear you”, “A good guy with a gun is needed to counteract the bad guy with a gun”, “Lets arm the teachers!”, and my Personal favorite is “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!”

I will comment on some things late, but right now I want to talk about Gun Control, what is meant by it and how we can do some of it well. You see Gun Control is something that the Democrats yell about and for, then the NRA says “you’re going against the second amendment!” and the Republicans gasp in fear and shout everyone down with the worst arguments ever known to man. In fact when things like this happen now a days we see the GOP rolling out their resident nut cases to try to claim there are conspiracy actors and all sorts of nutso things. All of this is done so that the evil Democrats won’t steal everyone’s guns…after all that’s all Democrats want to do right? Ban guns and melt them all down ect ect.

Now you might be looking at this and wondering why I keep calling both sides by their names. Well mainly its because while I may sit very much to the left in a lot of my policies no real party out there share the same beliefs I do…though I guess Social Democrat like Bernie would be closest. Anyway enough of that let’s get on to the ideas and such as we have to start the conversation somewhere.

So here’s what the Democrats say, “We need more Reasonable/Responsible gun laws!”

Republicans hear “Take away all guns!”

So first off let me be clear. In ALL my 40 some years of life I have never heard a Democrat say “Take away all guns!” In fact, many democrats own guns and quite enjoy going hunting or shooting at the range. I know when my sweetie was in scouts as a kid he loved shooting the rifles and the bows and when he told me about it each year after coming home from summer camp I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. Now a days though, we both tend to vote Democrat we also think it would be a good idea to have a small gun at home for protection and maybe a bow or crossbow for fun. We don’t hunt but the idea of a rifle is nice but never once have we thought about a semi-automatic weapon like an AR or an AK. Why? Because we don’t have anything in Florida that would need such a weapon to hunt if we were to try it. The only people we can really see needing an AR to hunt would be maybe Alaska where you have huge great Bears and Moose….those might need it. Though honestly they don’t need Armor Piercing bullets and yet people can buy that too! And see this is where we start needing some gun control.

So here we are and I am seeing people from both sides talking ideas…some of them are good…some of them are shit but all of them should be listened to and thought of. For instance Democrats want gun control laws. For example, why do people need Armor Piercing bullets? We don’t so make a law only the army and police can buy those. In Florida where I live and the newest mass school shooting was a person who is 18 like the shooter was when he bought the gun can not buy handguns but they can buy Rifles and Shotguns. So here’s a good place to start, go through the states and make a law where you have to be 21 to buy anything.

Republicans- “But we hunt, we live in the country, our kids hunt with us, it’s how America has always worked!”

Here’s my take though. My sweetie went to Boy Scout camps and shot rifles and bows. He has never owned one, but he was allowed to use them since he had supervision. So why not if you take your kids hunting have dad a hopefully “responsible adult” buy the needed guns so that he can store them away from the kids when not in use? Why is there a problem with this? It’s a good compromise. If kids can’t drink or smoke till 21 why should they buy guns?

So here’s some more fun facts. In many places those that have domestic abuse arrests can still buy guns! So when they get tired of beating up on their other half they can just shoot them, great thinking. People on the FBI lists that are known to associate with terrorists can be put on a no fly list but not on a list to not buy guns. So here’s the thing. Start making laws here. If you have been arrested for Violent crimes like domestic abuse you can’t get a gun. If you’re on an FBI watch list you can’t get a gun (or need extra deep background check). The problem here is when people say this we get this reply!

Republicans- “More Laws? More Background Checks? Why should we make it harder for us law abiding citizens to get guns!”

Can I ask a question here? Think deep and hard on this one now!

If you DON’T have a bad past and you AREN’T on a FBI Watch List then WHY would this AFFECT YOU at all? The answer is is that it WOULDN’T! If you’re a good person with a clean background then you’re good simple as that.

So here’s the deal. I’ll ask a few questions and put up the answers and then there will be one last question for this little rant of mine.

What happened when Deaths by Cars and Car Accidents were on the rise?

Answer: We created Seat Belts and Seat Belt laws, we made people get licensed and take a test before they can drive, we make them buy insurance incase they harm others, we made better crumple zones and set safety standards and much more.

Children got sick and died from thinking medicine was candy what was done?

Answer: Child Proof caps

We find out Cigarettes are bad for you and can cause cancer so what happens?

Answer: We set laws in place that until a certain age they can’t smoke, we set laws that people can only smoke in certain places, we tax them higher.

Food Manufacturing jumps through hoops and has a ton of red tape to keep us safe, Drinking can’t be done under a certain age, cosmetics makers have laws they must abide by. All of this is for our safety. While it may not always work it does cut down on deaths, it cuts down on illness and we put these measures in place.

So why don’t we make laws here? If an 18 year old couldn’t buy an AR in Florida this newest shooting wouldn’t have happened or could have been delays at least. So WHY don’t we make gun laws? Because guns don’t kill People, People kill People. Well Cars don’t kill people, people driving kill people but we still have laws there so WHY not here? Because it’s a mental health problem they cry! But to stop the mentally unhealthy from getting guns we have to make gun control laws against the mentally unstable.

So I ask again and you have to look deep inside to answer…and please take this whole article into consideration….Why not here?

Something must be done, all sides must be looked at and a compromise must be made. So..lets get some talk going on gun control because Why Not Here? Why Not Now? How Many Deaths Does It Take?

It’s time to take a stand and in this case it’s time to listen to the children who are begging us to do what we as adults are supposed to do and protect the next generation.

So…Why not now?



4 thoughts on “Kittens Rant: An Argument for Gun Control

  1. Hmmmm. Would taking away the gun actually help the situation? Making laws concerning the guns would surely come in handy. Until a certain age, I think kids shouldn’t be allowed to handle guns without proper supervision. We would surely have less killings if all these are taken seriously by those who are in charge.

    1. Most of what myself and Kathryn ask isn’t for taking away guns but good laws that offer control. There are many things that can be done to make things safer that would not infringe on second amendment rights that no one will talk of simply because most people see the word control and think disarm. We at Draxisweb enjoy our guns and second amendment rights but we also see that something must be done. In fact as I write this reply on 4/20 we had a school shooting not 16 minutes away from my house. We don’t know the exact solution to the problem our country faces but we do know the time to speak about it is now.

  2. I think you have clarified what gun control should be here. It seems everyone is talking about gun control in the sense that it means taking away the right to bear arms, but there can be so many other ways to interpret it and I do agree that gun control in some form is necessary. I absolutely agree that there is no use for the high velocity weapons that are being bought (and used, as reported in the media). Let’s have some sensibility here.

  3. Kitten, we have the same thoughts on this whole issue. It saddens me that the violence could have actually been prevented if only better laws have been placed. There are laws that can fix this but it’s like people go against it because they forgot to see the whole picture — you’ve made great points about this as you cited lots of examples on it. It’s about time we take better actions against all this, it’s very disheartening to see innocent people die for something that can be addressed better.

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