Kinda Familiar X-Men

So, this is an extra blog post I just wanted to pop on and chat a bit about something I have been really enjoying. I have been watching the show Gifted which takes a lot of the characters that were created in the X-Men comics and put them into an interesting new alternate universe. I am finding it interesting where Thunderbird is alive(he died within an issue or two of his debut in X-Men and his younger brother Warpath is the well known one in the comic universe) and they take fan favorites like Polaris and throw her into the mix. The past few weeks have thrown some interesting things into the mix from Blink leaving the main team and then seemingly being killed to the father of the Strucker siblings (Reed) deciding to no longer block his powers and ending up killing someone. We’ve seen known X-Men characters in the Mutant Underground and they have been name dropped as the MLF in season one which we should all know from the comics was a group led by Stryfe which was Cables evil clone. Also with the MLF thing the leader of the underground who was killed was known as a dragon, and was said to breathe fire and while she looked human in the comics the MLF memeber Dragoness was very human looking and her wings were robotic so this could have been her which brings me to what I want to chat about. There are two huge characters that I see in the show that are similar to the comics but have new forms, kinda tweaked powers and different names…in one case they even changed the sex and here they are.

First we have Erg. Looks wise he is a black man with an M branded on his cheek and the guy he reminds me of in the X-Men comics is a black man from the future with an M branded/tattooed over his eye. Then we go past looks to powers- Erg takes in the energy of everything directed at him and can fire it out of his eyes as a blast so if you hit him you end up powering him up. The same guy I mentioned in the comics before has the same power but instead of his eye he shoots the blasts out of his hands. I don’t think it’s a far stretch  of the imagination to realize that the leader of the Morlocks Erg is just a reskin of the time-traveling cop known as Bishop from the comic books.

The big one that keeps blowing my mind though is Polaris’ boyfriend and baby daddy Marcos Diaz aka Eclipse. Eclipse I think is an old X-Men character that in this universe has undergone a bit of TV Magic sex reassignment scripting. Marcos has powers over light. He can create light or focus light into lasers to use as a weapon. The thing is who do we know that is actually a pretty awesome X-Men character that can do this but for some reason never caught on with the mainstream audience? I keep thinking Marcos is just a male version of Dazzler! Now of course he has some differences in powers like the whole being able to blackout the light around them and the fact that he has glowing blood instead of using sound to focus his powers. Now of course this could be just a brand new character that has light powers or they could have been thinking that they wanted a good love interest for Polaris and thought they wanted to use Dazzlers power and thus combined the two to make Marcos. I admit though that I could be wrong, but this is just who keeps popping into my mind when I watch the show and see Marcos on screen using his powers.

What do you guys think? Could I be right on these or is maybe the girl that Marcos healed their version of Alison Blair the Dazzler (I did miss her name so that is possible too). Sound off below to let us know what you guys think about my little calls here.

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