cena-nevergiveup-logo2As you may have seen I, Kevin Coryell, have been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. My plan is to beat this thing and to never give up as I strive to become cancer free and eventually live a long life with one less kidney. While I am going through this I am going to blog about what is happening to me so that others that have this can come and read about what I am going through.

Hopefully this will be able to bring some hope to others and help them know what they may end up facing as they face the same battle I am.

My first warning is this: This blog is going to be a RAW blog.  You are used to my other blogs where I run everything through my wife as my editor before I post so that things can be nice and polished and lovely for your reading. I don’t want that here. I want everyone who comes to read this to see things as I am thinking them because that’s how I am going to be writing this.  Some days this may be great and insightful, others it may be raw and tear inducing because of what I am going through and feeling.

In the next few days I hope to start posting blogs about what has led me up to this point and in the next week or so I’ll be letting people know how I do on my medicines and such. I hope that this can help someone else going through this and I hope to be able to keep blogging about this for a while and to bring you all good news about a long life ahead.

A little about me~~~~> See vid below!


GoFundMe account to help pay for my treatments~~~~> http://www.gofundme.com/KevinCancerFight

3 thoughts on “Kidney Cancer Blogs Coming

  1. It will be the great help to many people across the globe who seeking help regarding kidney cancer and all the related procedures and medicines. No one can describe all the things better than you as you’re going to all these stuff. Stay blessed.

  2. Great story of strength, determination, and awakening. Thank you for sharing you story; you are inspirational. Your posts is always of help to the people who are seeking for help regarding kidney cancer and all the related procedures and medicines.

  3. Very determined and that is the best part. I am happy to know your through your blog. Good luck!

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