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Would You Like To Join DraxisWeb Gaming?

Queuing up with random people can be fun or it can ruin your whole day. Here at DraxisWeb Gaming we want to create a Non-Toxic Casual play environment where you can find people to play with in various games. We only have a few rules if you want to become a part of DraxisWeb Gaming and they are pretty simple.

  1. DraxisWeb Gaming is a home for all therefore we want to keep things PG-13 incase any kids end up in our matches.

2. DraxisWeb Gaming is all about casual fun gaming. While we realize a lot of these games are competitive in nature we would like you to understand that we don’t want toxic people in our group. A bit of friendly ribbing is allowed but we ask that you know when and where to draw the line. Bullying is not allowed in the DWG, Trolling is highly frowned upon. A good rule of thumb is that if you think someone should “Grow a thicker skin” because of your comments then you’ve probably gone a bit to far with your comments and it’s time to stop and apologize.

3. DraxisWeb Gaming is an ALL INCLUSIVE gaming group. If you don’t support LGBT+ people, other races, religions, genders ect ect then we don’t want you.

Currently, DraxisWeb Gaming has an official in-game clan/crew for Knockout City and SMITE. We would love to team up with you though in Warzone, Fortnite, Overwatch, and any other team-based game we may play. So if you’d like to be a part of our teams the first step is to join our Facebook Group which can be found HERE! Once accepted there you will find posts about how to find us in various games we play and if we don’t already play them feel free to suggest to us that we try them!

Hope to see you in game!