Jacksonville Florida a Pokemon Go Adventure

So this past week just a few days after we got Pokemon Go we headed to Jacksonville Florida for a convention known as Time Lord Fest. I kept my iPod at the ready as we immersed ourselves into this new realm of Pokemon during our trip and this is what we found!


First getting13612249_10209394618599601_6267935839744293183_n¬†to Jacksonville we found the place was absolutely infested with Rattata’s.we even had one in our hotel kitchen…I mean honestly what kind of hotel lets rattata infest their rooms?










Later we went out to eat and there were ¬†Rattata’s all over the Steak and Shake also!!! It may have been better before Pokemon Go as then we were oblivious to this infestation in Jacksonville!









13606828_10209397532712452_1354766825048014280_nWhen we got back to the Hotel we found that this Pidgey had scared away all the Rattata’s. It seems there is a turf war between these two pokemon species going on in Jacksonville….first the Rattata’s move in and then the Pidgey flock in to move the Rattata away. Needless to say he got to spend the night in our room though it was in the closet.






13606942_10209399107751827_1481828388301367706_nThe next day at the convention we found out that the UNF campus was infested with Pokemon too! Shorty after setting up the last of our supplies I went to slide a bin under the table just to find this Paras chittering at me as though I had disturbed it!







13654220_10209399053070460_9077440874590532251_nSome larger pokemon like this Parasect were walking the floors making it hard for some of the people to get around. Thankfully some poketrainers came in and got rid of him for us.








13627206_10209401192163936_1015746912991755240_nWe weren’t quite sure what to do when a Golbat came by and started trying to fly off with our merchandise but thankfully…..











13567507_10209401197724075_7594224227530101055_nThis brave little spearow came in and saved the day driving the Golbat away!!!










I’ll tell you this was an interesting vacation but I think what I’ll remember most is reaching down for a Sonic ScrewDriver and almost getting a handful of…..



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  1. Haha, I like this post. I wish Pokemon Go was still as popular as it used to be – it’s a really good idea and it’s a nice idea to bring it out when at a convention like you did.

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