Minecraft was created back in 2009, and tons of games with fancier graphics and different types of player engagement have been released since then. With so many other games out there to enjoy, some people wonder whether Minecraft is still popular today in the gaming community. Read on to learn where Minecraft stands today and why.

Minecraft is Still Popular

Minecraft is definitely still popular today. More than 154 million copies of the game have been sold. In fact, over 32 million people own the PC version alone. Groups of friends from all over come together to enjoy this classic game whether they prefer the “vanilla” version or join a server with mods and extra worlds. In fact, Minecraft still sees a monthly average of about 91 million players around the globe, making it one of the most popular games in the world. Minecraft might be on the older side, but it has no shortage of fans!

Why is Minecraft Popular?

Minecraft remains popular for a variety of different reasons. A big one is that it’s appropriate for all ages, which opens it up to a much broader audience than a lot of other games. Additionally, this game has aged extremely well. It’s still updated regularly, unlike many older games that leave present-day fans hanging. It also goes on sale regularly, on top of being affordable to begin with, making it accessible to a greater number of players. Minecraft is also compatible with just about every possible platform, including older consoles and PCs. Plus, Minecraft is just plain fun! As the term “sandbox game” would imply, Minecraft provides players with the opportunity to simply play around and create whatever they want, just like they did as kids.

Should You Play Minecraft?

It really comes down to personal tastes. Minecraft isn’t for everyone. But with how cheap it is, why not at least give it a shot? You can probably find someone in your circle who already plays it and can help you get started. There’s nothing like trying out a new game in the company of friends or family! You also might enjoy Minecraft even more if you set up your own server where you can make all the rules. Running your own Minecraft server provides benefits that might make playing Minecraft a better experience. The advantages include flexibility and privacy.

Minecraft might be on the older side as far as video games are concerned, but it’s still highly popular and boasts an active fanbase. It has a lot of upsides, including accessibility and simplistic but engaging fun for all age groups. Considering how cheap and popular is it, you just might want to give it a try!
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