Interview with WXW’s High Flying Ace Radic

706Hey everyone I hope you enjoy this little interview we have for you….if so please let us know as I have quite a few more of the WXW Wrestlers and Personalities that are saying they would like to join in. My first person to interview was Mr Lucky himself Ace Radic! Unfortunately due to this high flying stars real life and email problems and such it has taken several months to get this blog to you so a few of the questions are a bit old (such as #1 with his win over Jaxen Blade which was in Feburary). SO I do apologize for the lateness but I hope you really enjoy this online interview! So without further ado lets get to the questions we had for this high flying WXW star who is always a fan favorite to watch perform in the ring!

Kevin-    Lets cut right to the chase in the beginning…a few shows ago in Orlando we saw you take on and defeat the WXW Heavyweight Champion Jaxen Blade in a non-title match. Do you plan on going after the Heavyweight title the way Jaxen did or are you planning on taking back the Cruiserweight Title?

Ace- At the time, my goal would have been to go for the Heavyweight Title. I believe that if you want to be in this business, your all time goal should be getting to the top. That way you can prove everybody wrong, what you’re capable of and show that you have what it takes to compete against the best and that you are the best.

Kevin-      Who has been your favorite person to go against in the ring?

Ace- This is always a hard question for me and I still don’t have a specific answer. The 4 guys the come straight to mind are Jaxen Blade, E.R.A, Jorel Ganzy, and Devin. Each one of them bring something different to the table. I’ve wrestled against Jaxen for his 1st match here and prob more than anyone, because of that we know each other back and forth. Me and E.R.A. have been called “the future of WXW” by the fans themselves PERSONALLY during chants and live matches. The energy we create with the fans is on a whole other level. Jorel’s ability in that ring makes matches with him so intense and crazy that if you see us together, you know it’s gonna be a good match. Then that brings Devin. A newer talent we acquired. Wrestling him just reminds me of myself when I was just starting out. We respect one another and he always enjoys facing off with me. It’s always strictly just competition with him which is great.

Kevin-      If presented with the chance would you go the tag team route and if so who in the WXW would you like to have as your partner?

Ace-  I know it might sounds crazy but if I decided to go the tag team route, I’d prob want E.R.A. as my partner. Mainly just because the fans already connect us together based on what we do in that ring. “We’re the Future”. Also, it’s never a bad thing having a former WXW heavyweight Champion as your partner right?  

Kevin-     If you have a choice of the big time promotions to go to would you rather be in the WWE? RoH? NJPW? Or TNA?

Ace-  I think as far as promotions go, everyone always wants to be at the big time, the WWE. However, why can’t we just grow WXW together to be just as big as them? Time will tell 🙂

Kevin-     What type of wrestler has been your most difficult opponent? Other fast paced wrestlers like yourself or the larger more powerful guys and why?

Ace- Oh this one is easy for me. Stronger and bigger guys are always more difficult. I had a match with The Beast prob a year or so more back… lasted about 45 seconds haha. This is the thing, with bigger guys, we are faster, our cardio is prob better as well. We can run circles around them. However, if we small guys make one mistake, just one slip or miscalculation and they get their hands on us, we’re done for because they never let go until they rip us in half.

Kevin-      How long have you been wrestling with the WXW?

Ace- My 1st match was in 2011 so I’ve been wrestling here for 5 years however I’ve been with them for 7. I started out as a Camera man, then I was graciously awarded the Adam Carera scholarship by the Usos Foundation and began training for a referee. I was a Head referee for about a year until the fans started to cheer for me on a crazy level. I have always wanted to be a wrestler, but it was THE FANS cheers who helped me get the chance and opportunity that Afa allowed me to have to see what I had in the ring.

Kevin-    How did you get started with wrestling?

Ace- I somewhat answered that above haha. To be honest, I’ve always had a passion for it. Since seeing it for my first time on TV (The Rock vs. Rikish Smackdown!). I went to High School with Noah Kekoa (former WXW World Heavyweight Champion and recently signed WWE/NXT Wrestler) of all people believe it or not. Through his family and connections he introduced me to Pops and then things took off from there.

Kevin-     Who has been your major inspiration when it comes to wrestling?

Ace- When it comes to wrestling, Randy Orton and AJ Styles have been my inspirations. Randy to me has always been able to tell the best stories in a wrestling match. He’s so focused. Every single little thing he does is calculated and it comes across that way. As far as AJ goes, I mean, just look at my finishing move, The Jackpot. It’s basically a Pele Kick which I learned from watching AJ. the moves he does, the reactions he gets, that’s what I wanted those reactions.

Kevin-   Tell me a bit about Ace Radic….who are you and where do you see yourself going in this business?

Ace- Ace Radic is literally THE luckiest man alive. I have been lucky my whole life. I mean, look at how I started wrestling for WXW? I was lucky to find Pops, I was Lucky for the fans to cheer so much for me, and I’ve been lucky every time I get to step into that ring and put on a show for everyone watching. I have to use to most high risk of moves to pull out a victory because 99.9% of the time I won’t be the biggest dog in the fight. I’m the guy that when you see come out from that curtain, you know to get off your feet and go crazy because the show is about to pick up. The sky is the limit for me in this business. I know there are things I need to improve on but I also know the only thing stopping me, is me. I am the high flyin’, butt kickin’, Jackpot hittin’, Ace of Spades. 

Kevin-   What big time wrestler is it your dream to get in the wring with and wrestle?

Ace- Prob more so than anyone, AJ Styles. Then Orton.

Kevin-  You seem to have a great rapport with the fans, do you have anything you want to say to them?

Ace- If there is one thing I could say to my fans, it’s this: Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do it. If anyone ever did that to me, I would look back at them and say “Watch me…”. As I said before, your worst enemy is yourself and you can do and be what ever you want. As long as you have the dedication and make the time for it. I would like to thank my fans also for being so supportive and showing me love over the years. If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be the man who I am today. I’m just getting started, watch out Radicals!! You ain’t seen nothing yet! Jackpot!  

Kevin-   We would also like to know a bit about yourself outside of the ring work, as long as that is alright between you and the WXW. If you don’t want to answer the following please feel free to ignore them but we think that it is interesting to get to know the people behind our favorite wrestlers as well.

Ace- As far as who I am outside the ring, the best simple answer I can say is that I’m just like everybody else. W are all unique in our own way. There are little things we all have that make us special. I am a big fan of food, I love just to eat (despite my small size haha). I can go to a buffet place and have like 7 plates in one sitting. I am big into Anime. I enjoy video games as well but I work full time at the MCO Airport as a Ramp Supervisor which takes up a lot of my free time. A big pet peeve of mine is wasted effort/time. I love being creative with video editing and photo shop sometimes. I also enjoy hearing stories about people and what important things to them are going on in their life. It lets me connect to people on a whole other level that not a lot of people get the privilege to do.

Kevin-    Are you looking at becoming a full time wrestler one day or is there some other business you plan on getting into?

Ace- I think being a full time wrestler would be amazing however, the timing would have to be right. In my personal life, career wise, etc. There’s a lot that has to be evaluated before making that decision. More so than people think. It has always been a dream of mine and always will. 

Kevin-    What are your hobbies outside of the ring? In the past I have cheered you on over facebook at a Magic tournament, how high have you gone in these tournaments in the past?

Ace- I am VERY big into the Magic The Gathering card game. I do weekly tournaments every Friday and have even traveled out of the state to participate in high level tournament competition. If there is anything I put as much time into as I do my wrestling career and the lovely relationship I have with my girlfriend, it would be Magic. I have won minor tournaments and have come in 2nd place on a few medium sized ones (30 – 40 people) so I think it’s safe to say I at least know what I’m doing haha. 


Thank you very much for your time Ace and we here at the DWP can not wait to see you back in the ring! Before we go fully though lets leave the fans with some of the pictures we have of you in action!

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