Interview with WXW Wrestler Jaxen Blade

12278016_10153608844455210_552284435_nLast month we witnessed the return of Sean Maluta to the WXW after a short absence to take part in the WWE’s Cruiser Weight Classic Tournament. During that time we saw Maluta take advantage of an open call out to the WXW roster by then champion Jaxen Blade and come out to take the WXW Heavyweight Championship. On Saturday, we have the 20th Anniversary show for the WXW with 8 years here in Florida and the 2nd Anniversary of when the DWP first went to a WXW show! So we thought this would be a perfect time to catch up with Jaxen Blade and ask him a few questions!

Kevin- Last time we saw you you had lost the WXW Heavyweight Title to Sean Maluta….now unlike most reporters I am not going to ask a stupid question like “how do you feel” but instead ask What are your plans now? Will you be seeking your revenge right away? Will you be going back down to Cruiserweight? Or will you be setting your sight on some other title?

Jaxen- Well thank you for not being like those stupid reporters, you have more respect and I like that. Well my plans are to get my hands on that title and be a 2x WXW Heavyweight Champion and that’s going to happen at the 8th Year Anniversary show this Saturday. Is it revenge? Nope, I just feel it’s about time to stop this Sean Maluta show and save WXW.

Kevin-I think I can speak for most of the WXW fans when I say you shocked us all when you won the Cruiserweight Title and immediately dropped it announcing that you would go after the Heavyweight title. Did you expect to get it as soon as you did afterwards or was it a pleasant surprise to get there so fast?

Jaxen-Yeah how great was that. I always knew I would be WXW Heavyweight Champion one day. I wasn’t going to wait for that day either. I was going to announce that I’m coming for it and take it. To answer your question, I expected it to be quick because I am confident in my abilities as a competitor.

Kevin- Do you think that you would have gotten to where you are without the help of Angelina Cruz?

Jaxen- Seriously? Angelina is my rock. When I’m down, when I need help, she is always there for me to pick me up, like any woman would to help their man. Your wife would do the same, right? For people who say it’s not fair or it’s cheating, well they never had a woman or an honest relationship in their life before. Bottom line, she is there when I need her the most. I feel a little disrespected by this question. I really thought I liked you.

Kevin- I do apologize I meant no disrespect, you’re right my wife would but not everyone is as lucky as we are. So lets continue… How long have you been with the WXW and how did you find yourself here?

Jaxen- Soulman Alex G, and for 4 years. In 2011, once I graduated high school I immediately starting training, met G, worked a couple shows in Miami, and in 2012 G decided to introduce me to Afa The Wild Samoan to get a tryout for WXW, and here I am.

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Kevin- Where do you see yourself going from here? Is wrestling in the pros your goal and if so where would you like to find yourself the most?

Jaxen- Definitely WWE. That’s the ultimate goal. That’s the dream since I was 5 years old thanks to my dad because he is the one who introduced it to me. I just keep praying for God to continue opening doors for me to give me more opportunities like being on Smackdown again, because that feeling was amazing.

Kevin- What was it like stepping into the ring against the Wyatt Family on WWE’s Smackdown?

Jaxen-  Dude it was amazing! Walking down that ramp, seeing all the thousands of people, and stepping inside that ring had me feeling all sorts of ways like happy, nervous, excited, overwhelmed, and ready to get started and fight because at the end, it felt like home. Like I belong there. 

Kevin- Do you as a wrestler think that squash matches like that are good for pushing other wrestlers or do you think it would be better served to have a longer match and see what someone can do against someone fighting back?

Jaxen- Honestly, just my opinion, it has its pros and cons. It’s good to introduce the individual so the audience and viewers can know who they are but it comes a time when seeing that over and over gets a little annoying so after a while I think the individual should have a longer match to see what happens when they have to defend themselves. That’s exciting because you never seen that individual in that position.

Kevin- What type of wrestler would you rather face in a match someone smaller and quicker such as Maluta and ERA or someone bigger and stronger like the Wyatts?

Jaxen- It doesn’t matter. Smaller or bigger, it really doesn’t matter. I’m a competitor, regardless of size I fight. Bigger and stronger competitors I’ve met my entire life, you just have to fight differently, more strategically. At the end of the day, big or small, they are all the same. They are all human. They all bleed. 

Kevin- Is there anything special you want to tell your fans or to let them know about you? Open mic for you on this one let us know whatever you want!

Jaxen- Just to strive for greatness, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. When you want something, go get it. If you say something, mean it, like how I said I was going to take over the Cruiserweight division and I did exactly that becoming a 4-time WXW Cruiserweight Champion and when I wanted bigger and better things, I said I wanted the WXW Heavyweight Title and I meant it in every way and look what happen afterwards. Some may not take me as a role model and that’s fine, for some who do, that’s awesome. At the end of the day, hate me or love me, you’re still thinking of me and that’s all that matters. Be like me, be absolutely PICTURE PERFECT! See you this Saturday at the 8th Year Anniversary show. CUT! (Walked off absolutely perfect)

Kevin- Thank you for your time! Well everyone we hope to see you at the WXW 20th Anniversary show where we’ll see Wildman Rojas go against Jorel Ganzy, The Sistah Jamie D square off against Dynamite Didi, Big O trying to get his vengance against the cheating Frankie Burbank and his miniscule manager Brian Rubright and of course Jaxen Blade trying to regain the WXW Heavyweight Title against Sean Maluta!

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