How to Host a Game Party at Your Home

Do you love to get together with friends and family members to play all sorts of games? Maybe you’ve had casual game gatherings with a few friends, but have you ever organized a full-scale game party? Here are a few things to consider in order to plan an unforgettable game party at home.

Invite Your Guests

The first step in hosting a game party is deciding who to invite. Determine if your party will include friends, family, or a combination of the two. If you’re planning to include fun, themed games in your party, you may want to invite your guests in a fun way. You could alert your guests of the party via a themed card, digital invitation, or fun video. For example, if you’re planning a Minute-to-Win-It party, consider using an Olympics theme for your invitations and décor to give the party a special touch.

Decide on the Games

Once you’ve invited your guests, it is obviously important to determine which games you will include in your party. There are so many options of games that you could include from board games to yard games to online games to card games. As you’re deciding which games you’d like to include, think about the tastes and personalities of your guests. Are there certain games that they’ll be excited about? Are there some games that they won’t want to play for one reason or another? Thinking about your guests will help you to narrow down the options of games that you could play. Additionally, if you don’t already own all of the materials needed for your game, you’ll need to plan ahead to get those materials. Ultimately, you’ll want to plan for some games that everyone will be able to enjoy together.  

Prepare Food and Drinks

Another important part of planning a great game party is to prepare refreshments for your guests. Make sure to plan ahead so you know what snacks, desserts, food items, and drinks you’ll want on your menu. If you need to buy ingredients or prepare parts of the meal ahead of time, make sure you set aside sufficient time to do so. Try to plan for yummy, easy foods that can be prepared in bulk so you’ll have enough food for all of your guests.

Find the Best Space

In order to have a fun, comfortable party, you’ll want to find the optimal space at your home to entertain all of your guests. If your games will require internet and technological connections, you’ll probably want to be indoors and ensure that you have sufficient seating for your guests.  If your house isn’t very big and you have a large group of guests coming, you may want to consider hosting your party outdoors. Decks make great places to host parties, although you’ll want to be conscious of wind for certain games, like card games.

Make Assignments

If your party is going to include a big group of people, chances are that you’ll want to delegate some parts of your party so you make sure that everything is taken care of. One easy way to make assignments is to split up the foods and drinks that you’ll be having at the party. Assign a few friends to bring some appetizers, a few friends to bring some desserts, and a few friends to bring sides such as fruits. You can even assign someone to bring paper plates and plastic cups so you won’t have to worry about cleaning tons of dishes after the party. Most people will be more than happy to help with party assignments, and this will help your evening to run more smoothly and be more enjoyable.

Set a Dress Code

If you have certain kinds of games that require a specific dress code, you’ll want to plan for this and alert your friends before they arrive.  For example, if you’ll be playing a game that will require costumes, like a Murder Mystery game, you’ll want to give your friends sufficient time to plan and find their fun character costumes. On the other hand, if you’re planning to play lots of outdoor games, you’ll want to tell your friends and families so they can come in outdoor athletic clothes that will be comfortable to play in.  This may also be a good place to disclose any masking requirements or other precautions that need to be considered depending on when and where your party is taking place.

Prepare the Atmosphere

On the day of the party, you may need to prepare the setting and atmosphere of your home. If you have a themed party, using decorations that go along with your theme will add a wonderful finishing touch and help your guests to get into the theme of the night. For example, if you’re going to be playing some kind of roleplaying game, like Dungeons and Dragons, it could be fun to decorate your space according to the world that your characters are playing in.

Direct the Party Flow

Once your guests arrive at the party, you’ll want to guide the flow of the party activities. Make sure that your guests are able to visit and converse together before you start with the games. You’ll also want to decide when to serve your refreshments, whether you set them out in a buffet-style and encourage guests to graze, or set apart a specific time for everyone to sit down and eat. Once the visiting and eating are done, feel free to hop into the fun games you’ve planned. When the night is getting late and you notice that your guests are getting tired, announce when you’ll be playing the last game or round to signal to your guests that the night is at its conclusion.

Now that you know all of the different parts of planning a game party, make sure that you include each of them in your plan. Even though there are a lot of things to plan for and remember, the most important thing is to have fun! Once the party arrives, sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment playing fun games surrounded by your friends and loved ones.

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