How to Fix Your Jaw Bite Issues

The way a person smiles can say a lot about them. It has a huge role to play in nonverbal communication, not to mention the impact it can have on an individual’s personal level of confidence. Not everyone is in love with their own smile, though. While reasons for that are many, one of them is that some people have jaw bite issues they feel sensitive about. So what can be done to fix the problem?

Dental Work

If your jaw bite problems are caused by dental malocclusion, or an imperfect positioning of the teeth, some dental work may be all that is needed to fix the problem. This could be due to teeth in the back of the mouth that were pulled or never grew in the first place. Conversely, it could also be due to crowding, which is what happens when there are too many teeth to fit in the mouth properly. According to Healthline, replacing the rear teeth or having extra teeth pulled can help alleviate jaw bite issues caused by these problems.


Braces are another viable option for fixing jaw bite issues. Braces work by gradually moving the teeth into their proper position. As the braces straighten and align the teeth, they do the same to the jaw. In severe cases, headgear braces may be needed. For less severe options, traditional braces will do. A little self conscious about the appearance of braces? Not to worry. You might be able to use Invisalign instead. According to Showtime Smiles, invisalign is a less obvious type of braces that is also removable. If that’s not a good option for you, consider getting clear braces as another alternative.

Jaw Expanders

Sometimes jaw bite problems happen because the size and shape of the jawbones don’t match each other well. A jaw expander can help with skeletal underbites, which is what you have when it’s not just a problem with the teeth, but with other bones in the skull. Jaw expanders work by widening the upper jaw with a wire frame fitted to the upper palate. According to Hill Country, this frame changes the palate so it’s more level with the lower jaw, correcting the underbite.

Fixing your jaw bite issues is possible, whether you suffer from an overbite or an underbite. Having dental work done, getting braces, or using jaw expanders are just some of the options available these days. Remember, your dentist and orthodontist are there to help you achieve the smile you want. Ask them about what options might be best for your situation.

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