How Disconnecting from Your Phone Can Help Your Health

Phones have helped improve life in many ways, but they also hold you back. Constantly checking and looking at your phone can be detrimental to your overall health. For your own sake, it’s a good idea to take a break from your phone from time to time.

Improve Mental Health

Your phone can be a major distraction to you. You’re constantly focused on something else and it exposes you to more stress. Disconnecting from your phone, even for a little while, can help improve your mental health. For one thing, you can allow yourself to live in the moment. Appreciate what is going on around you. Being present helps you to feel more relaxed and at peace. Taking a break from your phone also takes away many stressors. You don’t need to be bombarded with pressures from social media or demands from work. Disconnecting from your phone can be a form of self-care because you’re showing yourself that you deserve to have time to yourself.

Better Sleep

To improve your sleep, avoiding using your phone too much at night. You should especially avoid phone use right before you go to sleep. One reason for this is the blue light produced by your phone. Blue light can trick your brain into thinking it’s still time to be awake and alert. This can disrupt your sleep pattern and cause you to get poorer sleep at night which in turn leads to less energy the next day. Phone use before bed has even shown correlations with insomnia. Put your phone away at least 30 minutes before you go to bed and try some other relaxing activities during that time instead.

Time to Get Moving

Being in constant contact with phones and technology often keeps people stationary. You might be working or winding down, but it’s likely you’ve been in front of a screen, sitting down, all day. Over time, it can cause strain to your eyes, neck, back, and more. This is not a healthy lifestyle. Disconnecting from your phone gives you the chance to get up and get your blood flowing. You can do a workout or you could just go for a walk to get your body moving. There are many possibilities for how you can better use your time.

While phones have done a lot to make life easier, it’s a good idea to step away from them for a while. You can take time to focus on the present moment and give your health some much needed attention. Make some goals to disconnect from your phone more and see how helpful it can be.

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