Sorry this has been such a long time coming. We were supposed to have this blog out very swiftly after the one Kevin did about Anime Beauties but hey real life can really throw us some curve balls at times.  So here is a small look at some Handsome Anime Bruisers.  These are the guys that are sexy and know it and have no problems mixing it up with others in a good ole down and dirty street fight!

gray-fairy-tail-wallpaperMy first choice for the list was quite simple really. I have made a few fan vids in the past and I keep thinking of doing one for the song “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred. So what character is perfect for a song that says the singer is too sexy for his shirt? Well the best one I can think of offhand is Gray Fullbuster from the anime Fairy Tail.  Gray is a good friend to the main character Natsu, though with how often they scuffle you might not be able to see it at first.  Gray is a very powerful wizard that uses the Ice Make type of magic, which is literally creating things with ice.  During his training, Gray was told that he had to be one with the cold and so his teacher tended to have him strip down to his undies in the coldest of weather just as she and her other student did. However, for Gray this has caused him to just randomly strip now that he has grown up. It isn’t uncommon to see him clothed in one scene and then a half second later he is either shirtless or down to just his skivvies.  Thankfully, he isn’t a scary guy to look at and is easy on the eyes- like most of the Fairy Tail guild.

alex-sparkleMy second addition to this list also came to mind when discussing a fan vid. It was when LMFAO first brought out “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” I discussed doing a fan vid to the song with Major Alex Louis Armstrong from the anime FullMetal Alchemist.  For those that don’t know, Major Armstrong is a master of a certain alchemy style that has been passed down through his family for generations, and he will be glad to tell you that while taking off his shirt and flexing his hugely muscled physique for all to see.  Somehow Major Armstrong tends to be surrounded by sparkles while he does this but it never seems to diminish his manliness. Armstrong can make just about anyone in the world submit to his whim simply by flexing his muscles. There have been a few times when he has gotten into flex-offs with other muscled men but they just do not compare to Armstrong. In fact, the only one that seems to not be even the slightest bit intimidated by a shirtless flexing Armstrong is his sister, who has no problem fighting him toe to toe over the simplest of things.

Bell-Peppers-bebop-fever-spike-bell-peppersNow we’ll move on from fanvid territory and nearly naked men to a cool dude who seems to be relaxed and zen no matter what he’s doing.  Spike Spiegel is one of the Bounty Hunters aboard the spaceship Bebop in the anime Cowboy Bebop.  To look at him, Spike doesn’t seem that imposing unless of course you were a woman that he was trying to woo.  This lithe man has good looks and a slight hint of bad boy attitude to go with it. However, you never realize just how bad he can be until he gets into a fight. Without ever breaking from his calm mood, Spike can use a mixture of martial arts and gun play to bring down the most deadly of foes and pick up the bounties he and his crew are looking for.

674484-vash_the_stampedeThe next guy on my list comes from the anime Trigun and he certainly puts to the test the age old adage of “Chicks Dig Scars”.  While most of his scars are hidden away under a very lovely red trench coat, Vash the Stampede has more scars than most anime and manga characters I know of.  I think he even gives Cable from the X-Men a run for his money when it comes to having been scarred up. Vash tends to act like a buffoon, but the “Humanoid Typhoon” as he is known, truly has a heart of gold even with all the tragedy he has gone through in life. Vash is one of the luckiest men I have ever seen considering that he could have a hail of bullets come his way and not a single one would hit him. Another interesting thing with Vash is that he is an expert gunman and he has a cybernetic arm with a gun attachment (not to mention it transforming into a gun that can take out entire cities and more) but with all that,Vash is a pacifist at heart and only resorts to violence when he has no other way out of something.

sebbOur next entrant comes from the anime Black Butler, which has been highly enjoyed by many. Of course I’m talking about the Butler himself Sebastian Michaelis.  Sebastian is a very handsome and very prim and proper butler who also happens to be a demon. I truly wish I knew more about this character, however Netflix got rid of the first season of Black Butler while I was only at episode 6 of season 1. However, I did get to see that Sebastian is very deadly whether he is working with hand to hand combat or flinging the fine silver cutlery from the house. He is equally deadly with his hands and a thrown fork or knife and that earns him a spot on this list.


737831-inuyasha_anime_33212127_1024_768Next on our list is another demon or more accurately a half demon in the form of an anime’s title character- Inuyasha. Inuyasha is part dog demon and is truly a handful for the young girl Kagome who has to travel with him to find the shards of the sacred shikon jewel. Inuyasha has a tendency to hide his feelings for others under a hard facade but he always seems to find himself put into situations that show how he actually cares for those he has ended up traveling with. Inuyasha has some great power of his own but he wants the jewel pieces so that he can return them into a full jewel and become a full demon himself.  Even with all of the skills that come with being a half demon Inuyasha also carries a magical katana that has been known in legends to kill 100 people in a single swipe.  The sword was made from the fang of Inuyasha’s father. While Inuyasha looks mostly human he has cute little dog ears that most women can’t help but grab and caress- much to Inuyasha’s annoyance.

Zero-Kiryuu-vampire-knight-15441600-1700-2560Zero Kiryuu is an interesting character to talk about on this list from the anime Vampire Knight. Zero is one of two adopted children of a Vampire Slayer who has opened a school. During the day, normal people attend the school but at night the vampires come in for their classes. Zero and his adopted sister are there to enforce a separation between the two classes, as much to protect the day class as to keep the peace and show that Vampire and Human can live together. However, Zero hides a deadly secret in that he was once bitten by a vampire and thus has been slowly changing into a vampire himself.  As the series progresses, it is seen that he is losing touch with his humanity and is being used as a pawn by two different vampires as well as his twin brother. Zero also has an unhealthy obsession with the blood of his adopted sister who turns out to be not only a vampire but the sister and fiance of the leader of the pure blood vampires at the school.  It is a very twisted and convoluted Anime and well worth watching. Zero is great in battles either with his vampire harming guns or with his vampiric powers.

Tres_Iqus_in_action__wallpaper_by_syren007From one vampire anime to another we now go to Trinity Blood for our next handsome fighting machine. In this case however we truly are talking about a machine as our handsome character from this anime is Father Tres Iqus also known as Gunslinger. He is a cyborg and agent of AX. Father Tres Iqus usually travels with Father Abel Nightroad and considers himself the property of Cardinal Caterina Sforza. While Tres is mostly machine covered in skin he does have a human brain and brain stem. While he is a cold one and tends towards logic over emotion one has to wonder, when he was made was he created to be fully functional as another famous android once claimed to be?

naruto-wallpapers-399-hatake-kakashi-sensei-naruto-shippuden-hd-fotoblog-x-imagesLets take a quick break from the vampires and move over to the Ninja families of the Hidden Leaf village. So who from the show Naruto would we see as handsome, charismatic and able to kick some major butt when need be?  Would it be Bushy Brow? God no he scares me! Instead lets go with Kakashi Haatake also known as the Copycat Ninja for his usage of the Sharingan which allows him to see and understand anyone elses powers and how to use them immediately. This lets him know how to deflect or best counter a power or lets him use it as well. Kakashi also has an awesome power called the Chidori that focuses his chi in his hand in such a way that it is visible as an almost lightening like ball of energy that chitters like a cage full of little birds. This ball of energy is very devastating if it connects to its target.  So we can see that Kakashi can certainly kick some ass but we have also seen in the anime that he has a certain move that devastates an opponent that ends up with his fingers up the opponents butt. Kakashi is also a lover of a good porn book it seems as he tends to read a lot of the books written by the man that Naruto has termed quite accurately as Pervy Sage.

tAG_69278Last but not least we go back to the vampire Anime Dance in the Vampire Bund for our last handsome gentleman Akira Kaburagi Regendorf.  To be honest, in the beginning of this anime Akira is about as impressive as any other teenage boy.  He has good looks and is popular at school but thats about it. As an interesting twist, he does have a bit of amnesia which starts to break up about the time he meets a cute young lady named Mina who we saw in the Beautiful Anime Babes that Kick Ass post. Mina as you may remember from there is a 400+ year old vampire and basically the one ruling over all the vampires. She knows Akira and seems quite taken with him and reminds him of a promise he made as a child to always be there for her. So without quite knowing why at first for us and for him Akira goes and starts hanging with the vampire queen and it soon becomes apparent that while he doesn’t remember it there is much more to the young man than just good looks alone. You see Akira is from a long line of werewolves who have sworn to serve the tepes family and Akira is sworn to be Mina’s body guard. Once enraged and somewhat broken out of his amnesia Akira becomes quite a nasty little puppy with fangs and claws that rips his little vampire princesses enemies in half, but even with the changes he stays his sweet caring self throughout the whole anime.


Well that’s the list of handsome anime bruisers! What do you think of this list? Is your favorite hottie on here? Who else would you add to your list? Comment and let us know- we would love to hear who your swoon worthy bruises are!


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7 thoughts on “Handsome Anime Bruisers

  1. The presence of Major Alex Louis Armstrong definitely cracked me up. His character was my favorite when I was watching Full Metal Alchemist. I will forever blame my fascination for the man on the sparkles that surround him whenever he flexes his muscles.

    I would add another character on this list, namely Yoko Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. Be it in fox demon form or human form, the character is handsome and deadly in equal measure. Not to mention his rose whip looks like a fascinating weapon.

  2. I definitely agree with Sebastian and Inuyasha. But what about Kirito from Sword Art Online? He’s my absolute favorite, and he’s got a dark side that makes him even more fascinating. The brothers from Blue Exorcist tie for a close second to me (although it’s arguably an inferior anime series). I’m just glad you didn’t list Zuko… Avatar has it’s merits – I’m not strictly a Japanese anime purist – but as far as all of the Prince’s fangirls, I am just not seeing it.

  3. I have not yet watched Sword Art Online however Kevin has seen the first episode and said it looked like something I would enjoy so that’s on my list. I have seen the first few seasons of Avatar and to tell the truth Zuko never really impressed me. I honestly didn’t realize he had a ton of fangirls!

  4. Interesting list, to be sure. I was glad to see Sasuke missing from the list. Spike and Vash, old school and totally awesome dudes! Nicholas D Wolfwood. I bet you’d like The Seven Deadly Sins and a guy or two from there. Also Gatts (or Guts) from Berserk!

  5. Amanda and I just finished watching Seven Deadly Sins during one of my recuperation binge watching parties for the DWP staff….we both loved the show! In fact we are planning on getting around to writing sequels to this post and the Anime beauties post and it wouldn’t surprise me if Amanda added Ban into the list…he was an awesome character!

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