Halloween ComicFest 2014

HalloweenComicFes400x400Hey DraxisWeb Comic book fans! Halloween is quickly closing in on us as is a somewhat new attraction happening at a comic shop near you! We all know about Free Comic Book Day now but did you also know that comic shops can do something called Halloween ComicFest, which is basically the same thing? That’s right… this year will be the third year that Halloween ComicFest is being held at your local comic stores and in a lot of ways it is basically a spooktacular version of Free Comic Book Day.


So what will we find at Halloween ComicFest? Well this year 19 different titles will be available for free, there are 12 full sized comics and 7 mini comics. Some of these are Scooby Doo Team-Up with Batman#1 , Marvel’s Secret Wars #1, Afterlife with Archie #1, My Little Pony, Hero Cats, Rachel Rising, and many more!

Mini-Comics Available

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Will anything else be going on at Halloween ComicFest? Well that will all depend on your local shop. Many shops will be inviting people to come in costume. Some may also have characters show up to entertain and some may be having parties. Unless you contact your local shop however, you won’t know!

Full Sized Comics Available

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This year you also have a way to give out Trick or Treat Treats without fear of sending a kid to the dentist. Available at participating Comic Shops will be cool packs of mini-comics. These come 20 comics per pack and are a great give away for Halloween since it promotes reading instead of sugar consumption. Or better yet eat your candy while reading a comic! (Just don’t tell your parents we suggested that one ok…just between us now::winks:: )

If you want to know more about Halloween ComicFest then visit www.halloweencomicfest.com

Don’t know where a Comic Shop is near you well find one here~> http://www.comicshoplocator.com/

Stay Tuned to DraxisWeb because we hope to have a Q&A with the people of Heroes Landing Comic Shop in Claremont about what they are planning for HCF 2014.

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