Green Tea and Honey Soap

About Our Soap:

Our Green Tea soap is made with a strong Brew of Green Tea as it’s base instead of water mixed with Lye as well as Coconut Oil, Canola Oil and Grapeseed Oil. We also add Honey into this batch for added cleansing and comfort.

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Customer Reviews:

Jordan R says: nice, creamy lather that I prefer to use as a body bar. I did a “test patch” and used it on my entire left arm, and used my normal shower gel on my right arm. The green tea scent is pleasant, but light- not intrusive at all, and the scent lasts for a while post-shower. It also has excellent moisturizing properties: great for folks with dry skin or for use during winter.

2 thoughts on “Green Tea and Honey Soap

  1. I can’t wait to try out the Green Tea soap for myself! I hope to be able to put an order together soon once I have some extra money left over after bills 😛 I am sure you know how that goes LOL

    1. I know exactly how that is…just an FYI right now ALL soaps can be bought EXCEPT for the Shave Bar….we hope to have this back in stock soon bu for the moment we cant sell any of those, please join our facebook group to find out why.

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