Gotta Get Some Goat’s Milk

GoatMilkGoat’s milk is thought to be much healthier than cow’s milk for a variety of reasons, and similar aspects make it a great candidate for our soaps. Goat’s milk is known to help with signs of aging like wrinkles and lose skin. Goat’s milk also helps break down the dead skin cells that build up and dull your skin. When used in soap, it helps to remove these patches and leaves behind fresh, new skin that looks younger and healthier. Goat’s milk’s natural skin cleansing properties are similar to the ones found in store-bought soaps, except cedarwood-oakmoss-goat-milk-soap-71-fullmass-manufactured cleansing products use harsh chemicals to remove the dead skin cells, leaving behind an effect similar to a chemical burn. Goat’s milk also has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps it sooth dry and damaged skin. Finally, Goat’s milk is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin’s D, C, E and three different B vitamins. Most surprisingly, Goat’s milk helps treat acne! These benefits make it great, not only for body soap, but also for face soap. High quality handmade soaps are gentle enough to be used on both your face and body to help moisturize and heal all over.

6 thoughts on “Gotta Get Some Goat’s Milk

  1. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this website! I had no idea about goat’s milk, but will definitely spread the word about this. We can use all the help we can get with our skin as well as our general overall health. Thanks for the great information!

    1. Goats milk is really great and I love working with it when I am making soap! It makes a thick creamy lather and the bars are nice and hard so they last a while without melting while being used in the shower or bathtub.

    2. It is great isn’t it? All of the information and even some stuff about soaps! I love coming back here.

  2. Goat’s milk soap is what help cure my eczema. It was so soothing I could not believe it!

  3. Goat’s milk is light weight compare to cow’s milk. Don’t know that is also used in creating such soaps. I am having problem of acne and one of my friend suggest me goat’s soap. Do you have any in your store available.

    1. We do indeed have some Goats Milk Soaps available!

      Our Goats Milk Soap is made with Goats Milk as a base instead of water combined with Lye along with Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil and Castor Oil.

      It can be ordered here—>

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