Good News for DraxisWeb Readers! Free Stories!!!!

Welcome to all of our followers. This is a fun little time for everyone here as we start to rebuild our website. We will be bringing in some new content soon. We have a bunch of new things pertaining to Gaming through our Facebook Gaming page that I’ll talk about in another post and well I just hope to be getting a lot more done on this page soon.

My big story today though is for all of you readers out there. If you ever took a look at our menus and were like “I want to read the short stories that Kevin Coryell wrote but I don’t want to pay $.99 without knowing if I’d like them!” Well good news! I’m going to be putting most of my short stories up here on the site for FREE!!!!

Due to not having the time, or health to go out promoting my short works everywhere under the sun other than this site we have had a distinct lack of engagement in the buying of our E-Books. So if any of you wanted to read our stories we’ll be releasing them here on our site within the next week or two.

Now of course any erotica stories that have been put up will be behind a subscriber wall and I’m going to try and find some sort of age verification lock to put on them since I don’t want kids reading them and if I can’t find that I’ll just keep the paywall of smashwords intact instead of putting them here. The other thing you won’t see here is the full graphic version of Twas the Zombie Attack Before Christmas as that will stay on Amazon. However, if you do want to buy that book Amazon has an amazingly low price on it that I can’t seem to change at all. So if you want a Christmas Zombie Graphic Novel for almost 80% off then get them while you can HERE!

So keep watching the links under DraxisWeb Publications as we update the old pages from links to the actual short stories!

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