Well last week was a doozy for me for running all over the place. On Tuesday I had a new CT scan, on Thursday I had a visit with my Primary doctor and then Friday saw me going back to Gainesville to see a new Urologist.

So basically on Tuesday I went up to Shands and had a new CT. I found out the results Friday which were very promising. I had a 3mm reduction in the size of my 14cm mass on the kidney. So thats great! I also was told there was no spread of the cancer to anywhere else they CT’ed which was chest, abdomen and Pelvis. So once again WOOHOO.

On Thursday I saw my PCP and all was good there, the only concern was the blood pressure so they have me on some new meds for that that ill hopefully bring me down some there. Otherwise they looked at my recent blood test results and said that this time if I wasn’t on the chemo I was looking good enough that I could have given blood.

On Friday I basically found out good news about how this whole thing is going to progress and also got the living crap scared out of me. This also brings me to the time off segment of the title of this blog. I am scheduled on October 14th for my surgery to skillfully slice open my stomach and take out my kidney. Yeah that doesn’t sound too great to me either except for when I think about the fact that my cancer will be getting cut out too and so hopefully I’ll live a long life afterward.

On the 14th I will be having my Right Kidney and Adrenal Gland ripped from me…in the nicest possible way as well as two lymph nodes that look like they may be a tiny bit large but aren’t really showing anything else. However better safe than sorry when it comes to cancer so once those are out they will be sent for testing.

After that you may either see me blogging a LOT or not at all for a while it all depends on how with it I am. They say this will not be an easy surgery for me with up to a week recovery in the hospital itself and then of course I’ll have some at home recovery also. So most of october I may be MIA but don’t worry we will be back! That is as long as the 30 problems that they outlined at about 1-5% chance of each happening don’t happen…if they do then it may take a while more.

So please send prayers and good juju my way for those times because I may need all of them I can get.  Thank you everyone for your support and I will do my best to keep everyone updated as we continue ahead with these things!

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3 thoughts on “Good news and some time off

  1. That is great news for you! Way to go! I hope things keep getting better for you. I like your blog and the vast array of information that you provide!

  2. It’s really great news that the mass on your kidney reduced by 3mm. It’s a remarkable recovery! Best of luck for your surgery on 14th Oct. I’ll will pray for you everyday.

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