Goats Milk Soap

About Our Soap:

Our Goats Milk Soap is made with Goats Milk as a base instead of water combined with Lye along with Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil and Castor Oil.

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Customer Reviews:

Jordan R says:¬†Even more moisturizing than the sugar scrub!¬† I think I’ll start using the sugar scrub in the morning and the goat’s milk in the evening as my dedicated facial/cosmetic soaps.

2 thoughts on “Goats Milk Soap

  1. This is a really interesting idea.. Maybe it’s just me but I have never heard of a soap with goat milk… and I also never knew how good goats milk could be for you! Awesome !!

  2. Goat milk is really beneficial. I know it has been used since ancient times in many different regions. It is specially beneficial for children and old ones. This new idea to add it in soap is relly awesome. It will make skin more smoother and softer as well as glowing.

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