Gifts For Donations for Kevin’s Wheelchair Fund!

Would you like a copy of one of my short stories in ebook form? A Donation of $3 to our Wheelchair fund will get you that!

Would you like a copy of Amanda Gayle’s first Erotica short story “Confessions: A Sisters Love part 1” in ebook format? A donation of $3 can see that you get that!

Would you like a copy of my Graphic Novel “Twas the Zombie Attack Before Christmas” in ebook form? A Donation of $5 will see that coming your way!

Would you like to be in one of my next short stories by having a character named after you? A donation of $15 can see you in one of my stories!

Want me to kill you in a horror short story? A donation of $20 sees your likeness be killed in a wonderfully horrible way by some sort of awesome killer in my horror short stories!

Would you like to create a NPC character for a cameo in my Draxis book series and short stories? For a donation of $50 you can create a character for me, name it and have your name put int he credits of whatever stories they end up in!

To qualify for any of these just donate to through paypal and send a screenshot of your donation to

Gennita Low will be matching the first $1000 donated with her own money to help us in our quest for mobility!

PLEASE Share this around so that everyone can have a chance for this awesomeness!

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