Generations Captain America

So here we are back on a lovely restful Sunday coming to you with the second of two cool comic reviews. The WXW 21st Anniversary show last night was amazing, and I hope to do a blog about it later on this week. I have a ton of pics to go through and a lot to think about from the show. But enough about that for now, we have an awesome little comic from Vibranium Comics and Games to go over. As always, click the banner up top for their facebook page and the banner below for their website!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Finally I got answers!!!! It took I don’t remember how many of these Generations comics to read but I finally got the answers to the whole Time Travel thing in this the Captain America Generations comic! The sad thing is if I had read all of the Secret Empire I might have known what the heck was going on. This is why I hate how Marvel is doing their crossovers now. Too many things touched upon by the major events now. Too many comics stemming from one thing makes everything very confusing. Not to mention very expensive to keep up with it all!

Anyway, what we see in Generations Captain America is a LOT different from any other Generations comic so far. First off it’s set as a debriefing of Sam Wilson instead of just the story of what happened, so we actually have Sam telling someone what happened. Another huge difference is we find out what happened to send them back in time…the child like Cosmic Cube known as Kobik is what set up this time travel….although it may have just seemed like time travel or maybe it was just all in their minds. You see another difference is that in this one Sam Wilson lived an entire lifetime in the past…yet they look up who he became and there is no record of it so it does get kinda murky as to what it might have been.

Overall, this is a great story and has some good Nazi butt kicking battles as Falcon Cap helps new Cap in WWII. The thing I think is interesting is this though. Sam joins the Air Force or maybe Army. He goes through boot camp. He somehow smuggles in and hides his shield and wings. During battle he goes full Falcon Cap and flies with the fighter group. Yet somehow he keeps his secret and the secret that he has these wings and shield. Yet don’t you think someone would notice he is missing from his squad if he was Army…or if he was an Airman don’t you think someone would notice that they have one less plane in the air than they should and yet everyone seems to be in the air and fighting? The writer in me finds this to be a major loophole but all in all it made for an enjoyable comic. What Sam does after the war kinda took me by surprise, even though it makes perfect sense, and what he does with his job ends up making even more sense. I don’t want to spoil it here, but Sam Wilson is a good guy even when he’s not playing Super Hero.

All in all, if you have been enjoying the Generations comics this is a must have since it answers so many questions. Also, if you like Falcon then this is a great comic to add to your collection!

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