Just wanted to remind people we are only 44 days away from the Ocala Relay For Life! For those of you not familiar with what the relay is or what it does here we go in a nutshell

Teams take to a track like course for anywhere from 8 hours to 24 hours depending on the relay
During this time we walk the track to support those that have cancer, in memory of those we lost to cancer and to try and help raise money to help defeat cancer!

I have done the Relay several times in the past but this year and every year after this will be a special one to me because it means I have beaten cancer for one more year and am still alive after this bastard of a disease tried to kill me.

OUR MISSION is to help various charities like the American Cancer Society through the programs they have such as the Relay for Life to try and help raise money to help with Cancer Research, Patient Care and everything else your donations can go towards!

So far I have beaten cancer and I want to help many more people do the same! If you feel the same way as I do please consider donating to the Relay For Life through my team. All donations are tax Deductible!
Also I am running an exclusive RFL Support package for All Things Geek, DraxisWeb Productions and Draxis Soaps fans. For a $25 Donation you can have a banner for yourself, your company whatever placed upon on of our coresponding facebook groups/pages for a full month….thats advertising for you for the cost of a Tax Deductible Donation! If you wish to do this then please go to http://main.acsevents.org/goto/draxisweb and make your $25 donation and then send me a PM about where you want your banner and we can work together on the design.

Also for $100 You can get your buisness to have a banner on eitherdraxisweb.com/dwp or Draxisweb.com/soaps These are very large banners and will stay up for at least a month and probably longer because I am lazy about changing them (Ask The Game Shelf…they did that and it stayed up for almost a year instead of just a month) This banner comes with a link back to either your facebook group or webpage! that too can be done at this link just make the donation and then send me an IM about what you want on it. http://main.acsevents.org/goto/draxisweb (A special thanks and shout out to Vibranium Comics for already doing this and to WXW Wrestling who also donated $100 dollars to the RFL and as such will be getting a banner ad put on out site in a few days!)

Also if anyone would like to come out to the event and walk with our team (right now we have 2 of us) we would LOVE to have you come out and help support us at this event. It costs nothing but a few hours of your time to join us and we would be honored to have anyone join our team and walk with us and help us raise awareness about this horrible disease. The RFL is on April 22nd and runs from 6pm until midnight at the West Marion Community Hospital. If you do join our team feel free to try and raise some donations for us…but it isn’t needed to be on our team. If you want to be on our team just follow this same link and click to joinhttp://main.acsevents.org/goto/draxisweb

Thank you very very much to all who have helped us in this and we hope to see you at the Relay walking alongside of us for a great cause!
FYI- just because you are on the team does NOT mean you have to be at the event for the full 6 hours…you can come for just one lap or stay for the whole thing it’s up to you! We strongly urge our friends to come out and have fun with us at this event and show us your support.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with giving a little back. You are doing something very special, even when you need something special yourself.

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