Game Review: Jurassic Park Builder


Jurassic Park Builder Review

game by Ludia


Around the same time that I got the Dragons: Rise of Berk game, I also stumbled upon another game by Ludia – this one having been made for Jurassic Park. Like the Rise of Berk game, this is a world building game that has 4 “currencies” involved and lets you build your own Jurassic Park. There are a few major differences in this game some of which make it better and some of which make it worse than what I thought of Dragons. So first we’ll focus on where it is better, and then we’ll hit the bad news before we give the final rating.


So the first thing that stands out to me between Dragons and Jurassic park is the fact that here in JP your quests actually mean something! Quests are pseudo- storylines in here that bring back some of the better known faces from the movies. Ian Malcolm and his Daughter are both there as well as Mr. Hammond and Doctor Alan Grant. Between these guys all giving you things to do and a scientist asking you to constantly check on the dinosaurs or do research on a new dinosaur you ALWAYS seem to be doing something. For every quest you do you get XP points because in this game, your level does matter for the world and you will get money of some sort for every quest you complete and every new level you earn.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERALike in Dragons, when you get a Dinosaur you end up putting out a BIG habitat. Unlike Dragons, your Dinosaurs do NOT go out hunting for things but instead stay in their cages….if you’re lucky. This is the area however where you upgrade your Dinosaur. As you Upgrade your Dinosaur it will make you more money per hour and after reaching level five you will get a Ferocity meter as well as a Life Gauge and a Damage Range. This brings me to my next thing thats better in this game.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERABATTLES! Instead of Illegal dog fights here in Jurassic Park we have upped the stakes and decided to throw Dinosaurs into an arena together and let them fight it out. Now where your opponent comes from since it most likely isn’t this Island I’m not sure but hey it’s there so lets fight it! As your dinosaurs level they get more ferocious and better at battling. When you fight you can use a regular attack or you can spend fangs (only available in the battle arena) to do a special attack. You can also use the fangs to do a block when it is your opponent’s turn. The one thing you have to be careful of is that the blocks and special attacks while they start out at only 5 fangs rapidly go up in price every time you use them in a battle.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAnother great thing about this game is once you get to level 10 you gain access to an Aquatic version of Jurassic Park and can start researching some awesome looking aquatic Dino’s. It’s pretty cool to have an underwater area and have a new view for your game. Once you hit level 20 you also gain a Glacier version of the park though I have yet to make it that far. Aquatic Dino’s will eventually be able to fight in Tournament modes after you win a certain amount of them.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAnother good thing about JP is the fact that your buildings bring you money…however this is the first area that starts heading into the gripes that I have with the game. You see as the game continues the price of everything soars. I mean when you start clearing a tract of land is about 2k coins where I am now at level 17 it’s running around 40k+ in the Jurassic area and 20K in the Aquatic area. Now as you level up your Dinosaurs, they make more money and as you place plants and such, they will give you a percentage bonus on your gold. The buildings however can not be upgraded, so while your guard tower made 50 in 5 minutes once that 5 minutes is up it stops making money all together until you collect it so it resets for another 5 minutes. So while the buildings net you a little bit of money it’s really not much.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAIn-game currencies. Oh god where to begin with this cluster fuck I don’t even really know. OK first we have two seperate things that we need to earn to feed to the Dinosaurs to level them up. In Dragons this was free to get however in JP you have a Crops harbor and a Meat harbor (under water it’s fish and shellfish) which costs coins to “activate”. Then you have coins which you get from Dinosaurs and Buildings and Battles that you win and Quests. The first time you win a battle big time, you get a great amount of coins but then afterwards you only get a partial amount if you redo a battle. Where I am at right now I am making about 15K in coins on my Dinosaurs and can make another 10K in battles if I want to this is about every two to three hours. However, my newest Dinosaur is costing me over 100k, my newest Aquatic Dino is costing 50k and my quests are costing me upwards of 50 to 100K depending on what I have to do and thats per park. Now I say the Dinosaur costs money, but thats only after I already spent about 60K to research the Dinosaur… so add 60K to each of those prices. Lots of quests have you upgrading harborsGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA which costs 20K+ and then activating it which costs money but then you only get like 1K and some XP as your prize. You also have Dollars in the game which are like the Runes in Dragons however they actually have a place here which means if you’re like me and not willing to spend real money on the game you WILL be missing out on some things. Dollars speed things up, buy your way into tournaments, buy special dinosaurs and buy special buildings, they also buy extra portage in your sub expeditions which I will get to next paragraph oh and by the way all of these things cost LOTS of dollars which are expensive compared to similar things in other games.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAResearching for your Dinosaurs! Yet another pain in the you know what. This is part of the money problem. You want to get more Dinosaurs into your park so first you have to clear land which as I said is anywhere from 2K to 40K+. Then you have to clear small things that the big bulldozers left behind which is anywhere from 25 coins to 12K coins. Then if you’re lucky you will find a DNA sample. Now you have to take your DNA sample and research the DNA. To Research it starts out at like 300 per chance but where I am now it’s like 6K per chance you have 10 spaces to fill and the first few times you do it each success is 3 spaces then later it becomes two and now where I am it’s only 1. So as you can see this can drain your money quickly especially when you start missing the strands and getting xp instead.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERANow to get your DNA underwater it’s even more of a hassle. You see you still have to clear and reclear land but that doesn’t give you anything other than XP. So how do you get the DNA you ask. Well thats simple- it’s just like how you get the eggs in Dragons:Rise of Berk just instead of sending out a dragon for eggs in this case you send out a Submarine in search of DNA. Every search however is a whopping nine hours long! And like in Dragons you get one slot for gathering things free of charge and you need the game dollars to buy the second or third slots. The DNA also seems a lot more rare than what’s in the Jurassic portion. Personally, since they still make you clear stuff I think they should have stuck with that way of finding DNA… after all if something isn’t broken don’t mess with it


Tournaments in this game are horrible. You can’t play them unless you hoard your in game dollars and your fangs from the regular battles. You need the in game dollars to get into the tournaments but you also need some sort of minimum fangs to enter as well. I can’t fight my aquatic dino’s until I get a certain distance in the tournaments so at this rate I’ll never be fighting the aquatic dino’s unless Ludia is nice and makes an aquatic battle arena.


The last thing I need to touch upon right now is a small side game in the Jurassic section, it’s called Code Red. Do you remember the first movie when the Hurricane blew through GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAthe island. Well thats what Code Red is – the hurricane is coming and you have to send out dino wranglers to keep the dinos calm. So what does this mean to you and the game play? Thankfully this mini game is only done if YOU want to do it, I have tried it twice and I will never do it again if I can help it. Basically, you press the red JP logo and the storm comes in. You have a certain length of time that the storm comes in for. During this time you have to go through your dinosaurs and continuously tap on your carnivores. If you miss one of them for too long then they “escape” but not before you have evacuated everyone. The problem is you have to continuously tap these things as just one tap won’t last long. Even with having all my Carnivores on the screen at the same time and not having to pan through the park to find them all, I wasn’t able to move fast enough to finish off the storm. The problem is while you’re fixing the fences of the ones that escape, they aren’t on display and thus don’t make any money for you. Seems to be a bit if waste because I am not sure if you win anything for keeping all the dinos safely locked away- but I don’t think it is very doable considering my luck with it so far.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAll in all I think I have to give the game a 2 out of 5 stars.  As much as I have been enjoying it there are many little problems in it and it seems many glitches. My wife has tried to play the game on facebook and she made it to level 13 when her park got wiped out. To make up for it they gave her 6000 park dollars and said “oh well you’ll have to start over”. Then once she tried to start over she wasn’t getting any missions and so they told her they would have to reset her game back to level 1. They have now reset her game but haven’t given her anything in this new game to help her out. So she is still trying to see what she wants to do – but we both would offer this piece of advice- Do not pay for in-game perks with real money because if you have any glitches and the game resets itself or they have to reset it then you lose EVERYTHING!


5 thoughts on “Game Review: Jurassic Park Builder

  1. Wow, this is amazing. I’d love to play this. And your review was so wonderfully detailed. I am so excited at how much there is in this game. It’s not the same ole same ole the whole game and you get bored within 5 minutes of playing it. Thanks for the great review.

  2. After watching Jurassic World – and despite the criticism it faced online, I actually adored that movies, especially the Raptor Squad – I think playing a Jurassic Park themed game will do the trick for me. I’ve always loved dinosaurs and the Jurassic Park book + first two movies only made that love stronger. I’m pretty eager to try the game, especially since it sounds really interesting from your review. It’s just unfortunate it has so many glitches though.

  3. After the huge movie they produced this year I was thinking if there are any games based on this story too and there we go.. Your review is absolutely great with so many details that it can make you try the game as soon as possible. It’s not so nice that it has a lot of glitches but maybe they will try to fix them in the future.

  4. Ahh, I saw this mobile game on the market place and was debating on if I should try it. I’m a huge fan of the Jurassic Park series and it was cool seeing something of relation in the market. The reason I decided against it was because it seemed like another building game and I wasn’t too interested in those. Glad you posted this review. I have to take another look sometime. Thanks!

  5. This game seems fascinating!! I really would love to try it out. I like these sorts of games and I like the idea of being able to play the game version of the film series that I loved so much. This is a great review, I’m actually downloading it right now to try it out!

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