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As you may have guessed by now, we at DraxisWeb Productions love gaming. I’ts very convenient now a days that so much can be done on smart phones and tablets from email, to web surfing to GAMING!!!! One of our most loved types of games even back when we were kids has always been the city building types of games. From Civilization to SimCity to Zoo Tycoon and Roller Coaster Tycoon, there has always been an attraction for me to be able to build up something, anything really, and see it flourish.  In the various app stores now whether it be Google Play or the Apple i Store or even the Kindle store one of the big gaming types that seems most popular are the building games.  The big difference with them now though is that most of these building games are like the game we reviewed before called Empire Z, where it’s a MMO type game as well, which usually means there is some kind of war element to it.  Now sometimes this can be fun, but there are other times where this can really really suck. Well in this game I will be talking about today, it’s one of those times that it really really sucks.

galaxy-life-pocket-adventures-screenshot-4Today I will be reviewing the game Galaxy Life™: Pocket Adventures. This starts out as a cute little game with a cute little storyline. We get told about the Starlings and how they hatch from seeds and they are these cute little aliens that to be honest remind me of Burpy the slug from the Slugterra show. They then show that somehow one Starling was born from a rotten seed and he brought with him war to the peaceful Starlings. However, some of the Starlings escape and crash land on a planet and that is where you the player come into the game. You are the crashed Starling commander and it is up to you to rebuild some sort of civilization, because it’s not going to be long until the evil Starling comes after you.


So from this point on it’s your typical game- certain Starlings give you missions which you carry out while at the same time you build up your city and defenses. They also send you out to spy on a bunch of people which honestly doesn’t make any enemies because no one sees you spy. Sometimes they also send you on attack runs but thats ok too because it’s against NPC characters that also send attack runs against you to help you advance in the game.


Galaxy-Life-Pocket-Adventures-BuildingsYour crash site also starts with a lot of trees and such that you can recycle. However, these trees and such tend to run out fast which is ok because it gives you places to build; however, when you recycle you can also get things you need to upgrade or build certain buildings or turrets and such. This makes it complicated at first to do some of the building because if what happened to both my husband and I happens to you, you’ll run out of things to recycle but there is one part you need to go from a level 2 base to level 3 that you can only get two ways.  The first way is from recycling, but if you ran into our problem the trees are gone and you have nothing left to recycle. The other way is to use some of your microchips.  This is a lot like runes are in Rise of Berk or Dinobucks in JP Builder or Gems in any of the fantasy building games. Chips can be spent to get items, build special buildings, or speed up things. Now if you’re like my husband you probably sped things up enough where you are under 20 chips at this point and time, and you need 20 chips to buy that one missing part for the upgrade.  Well don’t worry, anywhere from 1-3 trees grow back randomly per day it seems. So eventually you will get that part you need, but it takes a lot of time and patience.


So far though, I have only been playing this game for less than a week and I have found a few major flaws with it that are making me not want to play it any more.

  • Too long of a time lapse between trees growing back so it takes forever to upgrade some things in the game.
  • No way to protect your coins or gems from attackers (Right now I am being attacked anywhere from 3 to 6 times a day, and the only way to protect my coins and stored resources is to put up a shield which costs chips, which means spending real money on the game. This is making it impossible to unlock my new buildings and units because I have no currency to spend in game).
  • Your troops do not help defend your colony. When someone attacks you your troops magically disappear ,and if these people destroy your stargate looking things where your troops are, then when you repair your troops are gone. Shouldn’t your troops stay to try and protect these things instead of taking a coffee break when someone attacks????
  • It seems that in order to really get anywhere, you need to spend chips, and to get chips you need to spend real money. So far this game is unimpressive enough that I wouldn’t spend a dime on the chips.


photo-111So for for me, the only impressive thing about the game is that it has cute graphics, otherwise it is yet another MMO building game that is trying to use a weak play system to make you want to spend money on their currency so you can do better.  To me this is not a good gaming system, to me you need to do something like Empire Z. I spend money on Empire Z because they have given us a good quality game that keeps me interested even though it’s a MMO Building Game. I find it easier to spend money on a well made game where I don’t need to spend it but want to rather than have a cute game with sloppy mechanics that forces me to spend the money just to get ahead.  To me so far, Galaxy Life is certainly the second. It has a lot of flaws and the only ways to really get ahead thanks to constant attacks seems to be by spending money so you can speed things up and get things without using the steps needed.


My rating for this game is a 2 stars out of 5 and thats just because I like the graphics and find the look and idea of the Starlings to be cute.


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5 thoughts on “Game Review Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures

  1. I also love building games. The issue comes when I am expected to go to war at the same time. Keep the war games, war games and the building games, building games, right?

    1. For me, I dont mind war being PART of he building game but when there is as much focus on war events or even more focus than on the building aspects, yeah that is when games start to lose me. Dont force me to participate in attacks and war events if I dont want to be part of them.

  2. My cousin tried to play this game at one point, but he grew annoyed with it very fast. He liked the world building part, but the war part frustrated him. He got attacked frequently and got fed up with constantly losing coins and gems. I haven’t seen him so worked up over a game in a very long time. Needless to say, he uninstalled it.

  3. There are many games in which you mainly build your city, attack others and get your city destroyed. At the beging it looks like fun but after a while I tell you from my own experience that you will start feeling annoyed by this.. All in all this game looks pretty interesting and I can give it a try..

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