Do you like Gem Matching Games? How about monster collecting/evolving games? Do you enjoy cute RPG games with fun little missions? Then do I have the perfect game for you that combines all of these aspects of gaming. It’s called Battle Camp and it’s available that I know of for at least the Android powered phones and Kindle Fires.


For those of you who love collecting monsters and creatures and taking care of them, this game has 848 different monsters in it. Some of these monsters are the evolved forms of the normal monsters you can grab. Monsters can come in various categories such as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super, Special, Ultra, Epic, and Legendary. These monsters are also split into various elements such as Fire, Water, Plant, Wind and finally Rock. As with most battle games, these monsters’ elemental powers give them special strengths against certain elements and weaknesses against other. Water beats Fire, Plant beats Water and Fire beats Plant in the main triangle which leaves just Wind and Rock. darkwolfSomehow in this game Rock is more powerful when it attacks Wind but Wind is also more powerful when it attacks Rock. You can feed smaller monsters to the bigger monster to get them to gain levels and power until they get to the point where you can evolve them into a new form. As you can see by the picture of my Darkwolf named Kayden here, each monster has a Power Rating(PR), Attack Power(ATK), a Hit Point Meter(HP) a Recovery Meter(RCV)  their level, and also a Star Sign – in this case my Darkwolf is a Leo. You can also see in the picture that he has an attack called Blast; this move is different depending on the monster you are looking at. Some monsters have a special attack like this, but others have a special defense move or healing move(The healing move is where the RCV comes into play). Also you can see a spot for a weapon and an armor for each monster.

One of the first things you have to know for this game is that it is a Gem Matching Game dragonas much as it is a Pokemon like monster collection game. So one of the first things you want to try and do is to find a good team of monsters that compliments each other with their powers and elemental attacks. Sometimes it is good to have a team that has one of each monster element in it, other times though if you know a specific element you are going against, then it may be best to make a secondary team with monsters that are mostly the element that is better than what you are going against! The gem matching aspect of the game is pretty easy as it allows you to move a single gem wherever you want within a certain time limit. Everytime the gem you are moving hits another gem it moves it the opposite way you are going and you can move your gem any direction up, down, left and right. So you can use 1 gem to move around the board and make several different matches so that several of your monsters can attack at the same time. Also if you connect 5 gems your one monster will attack ALL enemies.

This game however isn’t just a mindless dungeon hack and slash gem battle like thronesome games are. There is an actual RP element to it with a cute story line and various places to explore. Also similar to Pokemon, in this game you earn badges and in this case you can’t move on to the next area without getting the areas badge that you’re currently in. However, once you get the area’s badge you can revisit and leave it at any time. This game also gives a bit of an MMO atmosphere to it as some of the major boss battles can be done as group battles where several people can gang up on a powerful boss to beat it. These teams can either be complete strangers in a general group or it can be made up of teammates that you have in a permanent group that they call a troop. Troops can compete with each other and have pets that guard their flags. The picture here is actually a picture from the Troop Hall where you can get together with the people from your troop or use several different tools.

So far I have gotten the first 4 badges in the game and have been able to access the arena area (where troop events and such run), the troop raids (found in the troop hall), the dig site (which sends your monsters on quests), and the PVP area (for player versus player battles) along with the 5 areas opened for badge seeking. Between seeking out badges, working in events for yourself or your troop, taking part in troop raids, quests at the dig site and the PVP areas there is always something to do in this game!

bossLast but not least, let me touch upon the PVP and Arena. The Arena area is where many troop events and such take place, but they also have it where you can go against similar powered people as yourself in 60 second long battles. If you don’t win in 60 seconds, you lose- there is no tie here with these battles. However if you win you will get runes that you can trade in to unlock upgrades for your little monsters based on their Zodiac Sign. The monsters you go against in the Arena are actually teams put together from other players, and let me tell you, they are NOT pushovers. As for the PVP it is a lot like the Arena except that if time runs out they will look at how much damage you do and figure a winner based on who did the most damage to the other team. Now for the PVP, when you first start they give you options of power, stones or gold that you can bet and depending on what you bet will decide what you win if you win the match. The PVP match seems to be constant movement, and is a very fast paced gem moving compared to the other matches you will see in the game. It still goes your turn their turn, but they don’t really pause as much when the opponent is going so you really get your full 60 seconds worth of time. They actually go and queue up the moves you’ve made which is quite nice.

So all in all this is a nice fun game to play with lots of different things going on to keep you busy in it and keep your attention. If you decide to give this game a try, feel free to look us up in game in the DraxisDragons troop under the name Thalra.

Also if you like this blog and end up liking the game do us both a favor when level 5 rolls around (which won’t take long) and they ask you for a referral number just type in dt9fq8. This will be a huge benefit t you as you’ll get a free Ultimate Grab spin that can get you a monster from Special to Epic levels!!!

10 thoughts on “Game Review: Battle Camp

  1. I like such games with virtual things and peoples. I am playing Clash of Clans and AdVenture Capitalist regular so I like this kinda games. After reading the whole article I am eager to play the game, you wrote such clear and meaningful description. I hope you will also write about other games also so we can get to know about such nice games.

    1. If you like Clash of Clans then check out the article we have for Empire Z…it’s a similar type of game but that one was able to keep our interest longer and better than the others like it have been able to.

  2. The only problem with reading your posts is that I’m going to end up with too many games to play, but not enough time to play them haha! I’m already hooked on the other games that you’ve recommended, and I can already see this becoming a new additional to my homescreen.

    1. If you play BC with a kindle beware…I have the problem right now where I can’t log out of the game but have to restart the whole kindle just to exit. They have yet to help me with this issue so I think I am quitting this game and just going back to another similar one that I used to play.

  3. After getting hooked on the game with the dragons, I have a feeling this will be the next one on the list. Moreover, I am pretty sure my brother is going to love playing this. He read the article as well and next thing he did was download the game. He downloaded it on Kindle though, so I guess he’ll face the same issue with the logging out.

    1. If he does let me know. I have been putting in tickets for the past month and they keep saying “just erase it and redownload it and it’ll work” but it doesn’t so I am curious if others have this problem since they have yet to put up any new big updates since.

      1. Unfortunately, yes, he has the exact same problem. He tried to delete the game and reinstall it, but completely in vain. The situation remained exactly the same. Anytime he wants to log out of the game, he restarts the device.

        1. Well I unfortunately would say don’t bother with the game then….as much as I enjoyed it they weren’t able to do anything to help me nor did they really seem to try since I just kept getting the same suggestions over and over again. Maybe one day they will fix it but until then I am going to go back to the wonderful puns of Adventure Quest Battle Gems!

  4. To be one hundred percent honest, I never understood this type of games.. Maybe it is because I am man looking for other kinds of games: some with more action maybe. Like Morgan previously said, I believe that maybe my wife or my daughter would like playing this.

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