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So for the past few months, I have been playing a game called Empire Z which is a cool cover_1423700198966_800little world building MMO that takes place in a world ravaged by the Zombie Apocalypse. Now while I am known for writing zombie books and short stories, my first love has always been fantasy so when I heard that there was a similar game but fantasy based with greek mythology type characters and buildings and such, I went and started playing it.  I have now been playing this for a week and am ready to create my first review blog on the game.  So far I am very pleased with this game!


City Building has always been a great game model to me from SimCity to the Tycoon

1200x627_cityview_1423700246388_800games to the new world building MMO’s that are popping up all over the place this genre has always held interest for me. Now I have to admit that games like Empire Z and Game of War are not as free flowing as games like SimCity but they still have a dynamic all their own that takes skill to learn. You see Game of War: Fire age is like Empire Z and a few of the space aged ones where they have squares in the city where you must build. The trick is finding the right amount of which buildings to build. In these games a lot of the buildings will add to what you can do. For example if you place 4 recruiting centers while you can only recruit at one time you now have the ability to recruit a max of whatever each center is combined. So you also have hospitals so you need enough hospitals combined so that if you are attacked you have enough space for all of your troops so you can heal them instead of them dying. It makes for a very 1200x627_cityview_fire_1423700253443_800interesting dynamic. By the same token you can make several types of resource things in this game from Mines to quarries to farms and houses the trick is making the right number of each so you can train your armies, feed your armies and do your various upgrades. This is a delicate balancing act that does require some skill.

2048x1600_Townattack_1423700291640_800One of the other great things about this type of game that Game of War also has is the ability to exit your town, city, whatever and send your troops out to “forage” for the needed materials. So while it is good to keep a good spacing of your buildings in your town there is only so much they will be able to do and so this game gives you the ability to go out and supplement your income. An interesting part of the Game of War is that Empire Z allows you to go and get income this way as well but the Game of War has a difference in that you can gain “cores” that you can use in the forge to make weapons for your leader. I can’t wait to start playing with this because thats a new thing for me whereas most of the other things are basically things I recognize from Empire Z.

1200x627_dragonball_v2d_1423700275241_800I have yet to get to where I can use them, but it seems you have some other buildings that are unique to this game as far as I know. It seems you can capture other people’s heroes and hold them in jail. There is also a building where you can execute someone elses hero and gain power from it from the looks of the description.

The graphics of this game are great and I can’t wait to get further into it. So far it has been great and I am highly looking forward to delving further into it and seeing where this game can lead. I highly recommend Game of War: Fire Age and if you are a player on an android device you can get it here—>


5 thoughts on “Game of War: Fire Age

  1. I do love playing the city building type games, but I have always found that they get too repetitive over the weeks. Or, I find the “trick” and they become too easy. Good article here!

  2. I used to play quite a lot of city building games in the past. They were my favorite types at one point, but in time they seemed to develop along the same pattern and started to bore me faster and faster. It’s been some years now since I’ve played my last one, so perhaps I could give them a try again? Who knows, this one sounds interesting enough to catch my attention, at least for a while.

  3. I used to be an avid Clash of Clans player, but decided that it was getting far too time consuming and addictive. However, I’m now looking for a new mobile game to sink my teeth into and this one looks like it could be it. I’ve heard quite a lot of good things about this game in other’s posts, who also highly recommended it so I’ll be sure to download it at some point today.

    1. I had the same problem with Clash of Clans. A friend recommended it to me and I got hooked really fast, but afterwards it was hard to let go of it. I tried to give this game a chance as well, but unfortunately it wasn’t the one for me.

  4. After reading most of your game reviews I have noticed that you are mostly interested in MMO games and somehow you managed to make me like them a little more than I used to. However I decided to try Empire Z so I will try this game too. I have to say I find it pretty similar to Age of Empires, am I right ?

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