Fortnite: How to Unlock the Danger Zone and Hot Zone Skin Styles Easy and Quick!

Welcome everyone to a quick little blog that lets you know how to unlock the styles for the new Danger Zone and Hot Zone skins in Fortnite! These two skins just came out on 9/26/2019 and personally I love the Danger Zone skin. She is a cool looking almost dark power ranger type skin! To me the Hot Zone one is cool but I barely ever play as the male skins so no big deal to me. One awesome thing about them is you get both skins for only 1,500 V-Bucks and a back bling! The Back Bling automatically comes with two styles while the two skins need to do a series of challenges to unlock their secondary styles. I, however, have a quick and easy solution that will only take you 3 very quick couple of second games to finish all of the challenges! Let’s just see how it works shall we!

OK, both skins as I said have some challenges that you unlock once they are purchased. If you don’t mind being sneaky and have one friend that doesn’t mind helping you out for a few minutes then you can get this done REAL quick. One great thing is the first challenge for both skins is the exact same one so you kill two birds with one stone here and that challenge is to simply play 3 creative games. What’s great is right now these skins have been released because they are featuring some player made creative maps called Zone Wars. So what I suggest is first on your own just jump into two Zone Wars matches of whichever one you want and just die right away. There are some challenges for damage with certain weapons but you don’t have to worry about them right now if you want to speed run this.

Once you have two games under your belt it’s time to call in a friend. The challenges you have left are simple. For Danger Zone, you have deal 1,000 Damage with an Assault Rifle and Gain 500 Shields. For Hot Zone, you deal 1,000 damage with a shotgun and build 250 structures. The key to this is it all has to be in a creative game and this is also the key to how you can easily speed run this!

Step 1) Team up with a friend and go-to creative mode and then go to the portal for your islands and create a new island with absolutely nothing on it.

Step 2) Create a chest with a gold shotgun, gold scar and a chug jug

Step 3) Hit your button on whatever system you’re using that brings up the menu. Go to the My Island button.

Step 4) Once in the settings for your island change the settings for Health to over 2,000, Shields at 500 (start on empty), Ammo Infinite and building materials infinite.

Step 5) while in the menu find whatever button says Start Game and hit it!

Step 6) Open chest and down the Chug Jug you have no completed the gain shields challenge.

Step 7) Shoot your friend for half of his hitpoints in damage from either weapon, once 1,000 damage has been done switch weapons and continue

Step 8) At this point you can leave the game and dismiss your friend. Go back into game just like before on your island and start building like crazy till you hit 250!

So in like 10 minutes time if that you too can complete all the challenges to get the second style of these skins! If you liked this blog please think about hitting the banner below and joining us at All Things Geek on facebook so that you’ll never miss one of our posts. If you would like to help this site grow you can support us by going to and leaving a donation/tip. Anything we make from Ko-fi goes to make this site better and to get more things we can reviews and blog about!

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