Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

So welcome back once again everyone. Here we are back again and we’re going to take a look at the newest season of Fortnite which is Chapter 2 Season 4. This season is one that has people talking quite a bit some people are complaining like cray as tends to be normal for this community and others are praising a bunch of things in the new season. I myself will be touching upon what I find to be the Good, the Bad, and yes even the downright Ugly that I’m finding in this newest season.

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So let’s start with some of the things I think are good about this season. One of the first and biggest things I absolutely love about this season is the whole collaboration they have going on with Marvel and this is one of the things that’s really splitting the fan base as well. Personally, as a Marvel fan, I love the fact that the skins are all Marvel-related in the battle pass. Yet I have heard more and more from people online that they do not like that Fortnite is now an “advertisement” for Marvel, or that they are sick of the comic collabs. The first one I can kinda see if you’re not a comic fan, then you’ll want the more classic look and storyline of what had come before. The whole thing though of being sick of comic collabs though just puzzles me. I mean honestly, there hasn’t been a ton of them like people want to make it sound like. 

I mean I’ve been playing since Chapter 1 Season 5 I think it was and I can remember only a handful really. During Chapter 1 there were 2 Avengers crossovers that saw limited time modes where Thanos came into things. The first time you only had Thanos, the second time you could be Thanos or a Chitauri and use Avengers weapons. During that second time, they had some Avengers skins. Then during Season 9 I believe it was Tilted Towers for a bit became Gotham City and there was a Batman pack that you could buy so now people could be Batman or Catwoman. Since season 2 started we saw a Star Wars crossover that saw some Tie-Fighter crashes and Stormtroopers similar to the Stark Robots we have now with the Quinjets and we had some Star Wars skins but that was a very limited time thing just like all the previous things. 

We also saw Deadpool in Chapter 2 Season 2 as the “secret skin” and for a short time he took over the Yacht from Mewoscles which held over to Season 3 though Deadpool himself wasn’t on the map anymore. In Season 3 we had Aquaman as the “secret skin” and there was an underwater POI that everyone wants to call Atlantis though it really isn’t. We had one extra skin in the shop for DC. But that’s been the extent of things so really after 13 seasons in the game I don’t see how someone can be sick of these little crossovers that keep things interesting. So for me, this season with a huge crossover is not just good it stands as great so far because it’s something new. We get a new storyline, we get new superhero skins, we get a bunch of POI’changes and more. 

Now another thing I think is good in this season is the skin selection for the Battle Pass. The skins look AMAZING! I think these are some of the cleanest best-looking skins we’ve ever had. Well except for one and I’ll put that down in the bad section in a bit. One of my favorite skins is the Storm skin as she looks amazing and the fact that they give us her mohawk punk look, which is what I grew up with as a kid, is just wonderful to me.

Another thing I like to see in this season is the new powers. In the previous couple seasons, we saw Mythic weapons being added and while they could be annoying they were kinda fun to play with but nothing great or new ya know. This season though they have brought in superpowers from the various characters as a new form of Mythic Weapon. These powers are all new and interesting which brings such a new fun dynamic to the game. I don’t even care if I get exploded by a giant green fireball by someone with the Doctor Doom Arcane Bomb because when I get the chance to wield that it is soooooooo much fun! Maybe it is a little OP to just kinda demolish half a house and set it on fire with one shot but the thing has a huge cooldown time and let’s be honest, something new and different is what this game needs every so often. There’s only so much fun that a switch out of guns which all do the same general thing can do. It was the same way for me with Cannons and Rifts and Mechs and Junk Rifts and now Fireflies and the Flare Guns we had last season. They were new and changed things up in a way that made the game feel fresh. I can understand where some people may not like it but to me, these changes can keep things fun to come back to and worth my time.

Story Lines for this season is also one of the things I think is being kicked up into overdrive this season. For the past few seasons, I kept hearing “what’s the story? The story doesn’t make sense! I don’t know whats going on!” which honestly if you pay attention to the loading screens and event cinematics and such they do a pretty good job of telling a story for a medium that doesn’t technically need a story. However, this season which actually started a few days before this season they put in a comic book reader and gave us a comic book style story about how Thor has come to the Fortnite world and is there to save them from Galactus. This is the clearest storyline we’ve seen yet. I’m sure people are going to complain about this too, as I’ve come to the conclusion that unfortunately, that is what the Fortnite community does best.  But in my opinion, I love this. The comic is awesome and I can’t wait to see updates to it as we continue the season.

So for me, these are the main good things. There are more and I could keep going for a long time but let’s get into the bad side of things and then the ugly so that this doesn’t become a whole book on its own.

So one of the first bad things goes back to that one skin I mentioned. Overall I love the skins in the battle pass but for the very first one. Thor who is like the main level 1 skin and the one that started the season in the comics that have lead up to this. I know he looks odd because he is now Galactus’ Herald but to be honest, to me he looks like a buffer version of Raiden from Mortal Kombat. This is the only skin I’m not thrilled with out of them all for this season.

Another bad is the lack of the LaunchPad. I know there are a lot of ways to move around the map now between the silver surfers board and Groots ball and cars and boats and helicopters, but there’ just something about Launch Pads that I miss already… and Bounce Pads just don’t compare to them in my mind. Bounce pads just seem to be redundant since you have the Crash Pad so in my mind I think the better way to have done this was to just make the Crash Pad go into the trap area and just get triggered the way it does now and keep the Launch.

So now for my last bad because, honestly, so far I don’t have all that many bad things to say for this season is in the vaulting of some things again. In this case, it’s the Tac Shotgun. I miss the Tac…..the Tac was my go-to shotty in the game. I mean sure it doesn’t hit as hard as the Charge or Pump but it was able to deal damage faster if your first shot didn’t finish someone off. I have heard people say that a lot of the changes between the Tac and changing up the SMGs were to get rid of the spam and spray and prey meta that those brought to the game but to be honest when it comes to close up fighting I want that rapid-fire. I just can’t get into the way the charge shotgun works. I don’t like the slow reload or how charging it slows you down (or gives away your position with that loud annoying hiss). I also never liked the pump shotgun with how long a pause there is between shots. I’d rather have a weaker hit with a more rapid-fire in case I can’t hit those headshots right off the bat because let’s be honest I usually couldn’t. I’m a stealth ninja type of player. I can’t build well and the whole leaping around that most people do while in close up fights…well I suck at that. I can’t aim while jumping around like Batroc the Leaper (yup Marvel Comic references during a Marvel Comics-based season).

So now onto the Ugly….the couple things so bad they are in my estimation worse than bad. Thankfully, we only have a couple in this slot but in my mind, they are big ones and one of these is a big one for most of the players out there! But we’ll get to that one last first we’ll do one that’s more of a pet peeve of mine, so while it’s ugly to me I don’t know how many will share my view of this one.

Now this first Ugly one for me has to do with the Battle Pass. More specifically some emotes and gliders. One of the things I have always loved about Fortnite is the ability to mix and match emotes and back blings and gliders till your heart’s content and you come up with something uniquely your own. I get that some special characters will have special things (normally an emote) tied to them and I’m fine with that when it’ not overdone. However, if you look at this battle pass it is overflowing with emotes, gliders, and even a pickaxe that can only be used by certain skins! This starts at the very beginning of the battle pass with the not so good looking Thor. He has a Mjolnir pickaxe which is awesome looking but if you equip it for anyone else it will look like the default pickaxe, which I mean makes sense because only Thor is worthy blah blah. But then you have a glider based on Mjolnir which means only Thor can use that glider otherwise it looks like the default glider, which again based on his hammer so I understand. Then you have a built-in emote which only Thor can use, then Jennifer Walters has a built-in emote that turns her into She-Hulk which fine I get it that makes sense. Now there’s a Sapling Groot back bling and I don’t know if it’s locked to Groot but there are challenges to unlock it so it might be. Now the leakers found a pet right before season 4 dropped that was supposed to be Rocket Racoon but if you look in the battle pass Rocket is a built-in emote. Storm also has a glider that only she can use and a built-in emote. Doctor Doom has a glider that only he can use (but would go perfectly with several other skins I have) and a built-in emote that looks like it can only be used in victory. Mystique has a built-in emote which makes sense cause it’s her mutant power. Iron Man has a glider that only he can use and also a built-in emote that suits Tony Stark up as Iron Man. When you get to Wolverine he has his claws as a pickaxe but they are equipped with a built-in emote that turns whatever pickaxe you have into his claws. 

So as you can see, a lot of this battle pass is only usable with the character that corresponds to it which in certain cases just really sucks. It would be cool to put Iron Mans glider on say Mecha Team Leader or Sentinel. The Doom Glider would be good on Dusk or Elmira or especially on Hemlock. Storms glider would work well on Hemlock also or Elmira or even Valkyrie. Hell, I would love to see Valkyrie use Thor’s hammer or even Huntress to be worthy of it. Nightwitch would also be great to see with Dooms Glider and the Ice King and Ruin would look badass if they could use Dooms victory emote as would Oro or Ragnarok or even Ultima Knight. But we’ll never get to see it which I think is a damn shame.

Now for the final part of the ugly at least for now, after all who knows what the future of Season 4 will bring. They might fix this one after hearing enough about it. You see for 3 seasons I think it’s been now, I want to say it’s been since they started the new Chapter, they have given us 100% chest spawn rates. People have their favorite places to drop because they know they can get a load out. But now Epic has changed it so that the spawn rate is anywhere from like 50%-70% depending on some RNG when the game starts I guess. So now you’ll drop on your favorite house and nothing. You could be a sitting duck because you landed somewhere with no chest. Somewhere that for 3 seasons you have been taught will ALWAYS have a chest. Even with the 100% chest spawn, you had people getting into pickaxe fights for certain chests and that was cool because if you were the winner there was at least a chance of shields or bandages or medkits to help you out since you’d be damaged. Or if someone else landed on a floor spawn gun you might have a chance to loot up a little and defend yourself if they were charging into where you landed. Now you might not have the chance that you have counted on since last October when Chapter 2 started.

Before I go, I do have a personal extra gripe. My one small house that next to no one went to that could net me 3 chests (4 if I dropped onto the hill right beside it) within the first minute of playing has now been turned into the Sentinel Graveyard. What this now means is that people drop at it all the time. For me, this sucks I loved having that go to house to land at. But hey that’s just a personal thing and not something I will bitch about much…just means I have to find a new place to land in Solo’s when I play is all. Makes me grow and stretch myself some as a player I guess- as annoying as it may be. 

So chat us up and let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comments. What do you think are some of the good, bad, and ugly points of this season of Fortnite? Did your biggest ones end up in the blog or do you have something different? We want to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

  1. Coming at this from someone who has only played Fortnite once, but who LOVES Marvel, I am…honestly surprised at the sheer volume of comics stuff you mentioned. The one time I played I got led around by a player in some kind of Deadpool skin, but I didn’t realize Fortnite had had SO many crossovers with comics. If I was a person who didn’t love comics I’d probably be annoyed too, lol, that’s a lot of crossover for something that’s so widely played.

  2. I can see where some players can be annoyed by the cross over this season….but to be honest, Fortnite while not directly a comic thing has always been comic-like in my eyes. From the graphics to the suits it has always had a comics feel to me. So far this has been one of my fave seasons since chapter 2 has started. I’m just getting so tired of the Fortnite community always finding something to complain and bitch about. Those peeps never seem to be happy with anything.

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