Estrelya Mollo

gallerycomics_1920x1080_20160210_starfire_9_5697f43f4fb411-16658067Name: Estrelya Mollo
Race: Elemental at best guess
Sex: Female
Height: 5’4” (Variable)  Weight: Variable
Skin: Orange,   Eyes: Green,   Hair: Red or Flames



In a far corner of space known only as quadrant 2947 a sun had just winked out of existence. None noticed it’s passing due to how far out from the main body of the universe it was and most likely wouldn’t miss it’s light for a few million more years. Only one piece of this sun was left smoldering as it was shot from the suddenly cooling ball of gasses as though it were trying to escape. For thousands of years this ball of energy and minerals flew swiftly through space with nothing in it’s way to truly slow it down.

t_sol_ccskin_cardAs this ball of energy and matter shot through the universe it turned out it was self aware though only as much as an embryo might be. As its travels took it through charted space it would hear the various communications and ever so slowly the consciousness of this hurtling matter began to form. Language was assimilated from hundreds of cultures, concepts both weird and wonderful started to filter through this being’s brain. The biggest question however was formed right as the shapeless mass slammed to a stop by hitting the side of a derelict space station. That question was, “Who am I?” followed shortly by “So that’s what pain feels like? Ow!”

The sentient gas pulled it’s free floating mass together to create a form similar to what it had seen in various signals from various cultures around the universe. So many humanoid creatures but too many for it to ultimately choose a final form from so it just kept the form featureless like a mannequin. It found an entrance to the station and found that there was energy running through it, something or someone was keeping it going because it’s bulk had stopped this one’s form from running headlong into a black hole.

The new body went walking through the station footsteps leaving a molten trail for several moments. A faceless head looked back at the trail and thought that perhaps it shouldn’t do that and so it internalized all of it’s heat and let its outer form become cool flesh. It looked down at it’s new skin an orangish color and gave a soft nod, it was a pretty color it thought. It continued on into the station deeper and deeper finding no sign of life until it came to the main engine room where one old man sat secured to some machinery.

starfire_by_exorodesigns-d5bqjj0Reaching out with it’s mind the being took a peek into the man’s mind and found a form that he would find pleasing and tried to duplicate it. She moved to look into a metal wall and use it like a mirror, yes she was a she now with beautiful curves and long red hair. She had large green eyes and full pouty lips. Her skin was still orange but she thought it looked nice with her new hair. She turned and moved back to the old man and knelt down before him where he could see her well. She reached out and touched his face and entered his mind once more showing him who she was and swiftly she was told about the station. She was told his time was short and if she so wished she could be the new gate keeper so to speak. He talked of how this stations was kept in it’s place and that only a small amount of her power should be able to do the same thing that was draining him but good enough where she could run the entire station. She also found out that the Inn and Spa areas in the station were an anomaly in that they were attached to all points of creation due to the black hole and some odd interaction with the artifact that ran the engine of this massive station.

She gave a nod and silently told him she would take over his burden and allow him to rest. His lips parted slightly in a simple and in the seconds before the old man’s death another small conversation went on in their minds.

“Thank you m’girl….it was truly…an honor to meet one as….beautiful and kind…as you. As I move on…into the next…life….whose name…shall I say in my prayers….who freed me?”

“I have no name sir. Until a few hours ago I didn’t even have a body.”, she replied.

“Hmmmmm then I shall give….you a name….my celestial beauty. You shall be….Estrelya Mollo…my little…Star Flame…”

She frowned as the voice went silent in her head. She liked her new name but she felt such a loss with the voice gone. She moved forward and touched the old man and gave a gasp as his last bit of energy triggered a small solar flare within her hand that atomized his body.

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(This character is played by Amanda Gayle and has been created by Amanda Gayle and Kevin Coryell for the Draxis Novel Series and Draxis based online RP’s. We do not claim to own the pictures these were simply collected through google image search to give readers an idea what this character looks like, all pictures are copywrited to their respective artists owner and if anyone wishes us to take them down simply email us at and we will comply)

3 thoughts on “Estrelya Mollo

  1. She sounds like a very interesting character. I really enjoyed reading her story and would love to find out more about her in the future.

    1. Well if you have AOL or can get a hold of AOL we will hopefully be doing some Real Time rp on there with her as well as some forum RP once I go and get the forums set up properly so keep looking for more news of that

  2. Estrelya has a very interesting background story, I have to say. That’s definitely an interesting way fro a character to be born – to be the result of a star exploding and to be a hot ball flying through space. I like it, it’s a unique idea 🙂

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