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Good evening fellow Geeks I wanted to come and tell you Guys about a new game I’ve been addicted to for the past 5 days.

unnamedThe game is called Empire Z and it is a very interesting MMO town building game that has a HUGE focus on working well with others in an alliance. You can go it along but I wouldn’t suggest it. This game was first introduced to me 5 days ago by April J Starr from the group Gamers with Geeklings (a good group to check out)


For the most part it’s the same as any other city building MMO…you figure out what you want to build and build it and train troops and such. However this is very much a team unnamed (1)based MMO. This game has made it where if you are part of an alliances and you start to research something or build something you can hit a help button and and a handshake will appear on all of your allies screens…for everyone that hits that button then 1 minute disappears from your timer. Also if you are in an alliance ad are running low on resources then someone can easily send you some more. To make it even better when you first start you random appear on the board however they give you 2 free teleports that you can use to move your city close to your chosen alliance. Moving close to your alliance allows them faster access to sending you troops to help you or help with sending you more consumables that you need to build up.

20140827043836a0dvhsthwdxj51umAnother interesting twist to this is that it is a post apocalyptic rebuild scenario as in the Zombie Plague has happened and you are rebuilding the world. Thanks to April J Starr I think I have found myself a great crew of helpers. So if you guys wanna join us and have some fun feel free to join the game and look up an alliance called “The Core”


This is available on Android and Kindle and most likely on iPad but since I don’t have one of those I’m not sure on that.


6 thoughts on “Empire Z Review

  1. Empire Z seems like quite an interesting game. Although I am a fan of MMO games, I have mostly kept to the fantasy genre. After games such as Dream of Mirrors Online and Lord of the Rings Online, something that would keep me on my toes ought to prove to be a welcomed change. I will definitely try it out.

  2. This does look interesting, but I do have to say, I am more of a loner when it comes to games. Especially MMOs. Though I do have quite a lot of friends that would love this game. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I’ve already had some limited experience with this game and whilst I found it interesting I never really stuck with it. But that was some time ago now, and I’m certainly willing to give it another try. I wonder if this will turn into my new mobile game of choice/my guilty addiction.

  4. I ended up trying to play this game, but it just didn’t do the trick for me. It got boring pretty fast and I wasn’t able to play more than a few days before giving up and trying to find something that seemed more interesting to me.

  5. Even if I am not such a big fan of MMO games I will try this Empire Z and who knows, maybe I will enjoy playing it. From your review I see that it cand be described as a pretty basic strategy game combined with.. ZOMBIES! Who doesn like zombies, right ?

  6. These kind of games hook me up. This being available on different platforms is the most awesome part!
    Teleporation, crews and zombies… Surely wanna experience it!

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