In a few hours is the WWE Pay-Per-View known as Tables Ladders and CHairs (Oh my!). There are a lot of good matches set for tonight and as usual I am going to put my predictions on who I think will win. As you know sometimes I get pretty spot on and sometimes not so much so. Let’s see how I do this time!

The New Day vs Gold and Stardust- I have been liking the New Day since they have debuted. I have always liked Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston and I am honestly hoping that with the new Day they let these guys live up to their hype and let them get the Tag Team belts. These three are very good wrestlers and highly entertaining so I hope for some good things from them. I also love the dust brothers but I’m hoping to see New Day win simply because they need the push hat they should have all had as singles competitors. I think NEW DAY WINS!

TLC Main Show

Tables Match-
John Cena vs Seth Rollins (stip: if John Cena looses he is no longer #1 Contender)
I honestly don’t see the point in this match and will be very VERY surprised if they have Cena loose. Maybe later in the year it would make sense but with their major players like Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan still out on IR it makes no sense to get rid of your #1 contender yet. They can’t make Seth #1 contender since he is already able to get a title shot whenever he wants with the MITB contract (which isn’t going to mean much if they don’t bring Brock around for him to finally challenge sometime). So considering the facts I think it would be silly to have Cena loose right now with no one else really ready to step up against the beast Brock Lesnar. so for this one JOHN CENA WINNER!

Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match-
Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt
This one I could honestly see going either way however with the push they have been giving Ambrose and since he was just recently away for filming a WWE movie I think he ill still be getting the push here as well. DEAN AMBROSE WINNER!

Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper for the Intercontinental Title
Dolph is my favorite for this match. Yes Luke has the upper hand in many ways but Dolph is an ex-world champ. I keep hearing rumors that the reason Dolph was out of the World Champ running was that after the concussion Del Rio gave him people were thinking him a bit too fragile. Well I would think that his performance at Survivor Series would give adequate proof that he is a VERY resilient superstar. I’m thinking Ziggler will once again put on a hell of a match like he always does and get back the title. DOLPH ZIGGLER WINNER!

Tag Team Title Match
Miz and Mizdow vs the Usos
I honestly have no clue where they’ll go with this one. I love the Usos but Mizdow is also a huge fan fave right now even if Miz isn’t. Also with the new SL of Miz “helping” Naomi and Jimmy disliking it I am going to go out on a limb and say MIZ & MIZDOW WIN BY DQ!!! I think Jimmy is going to take a few too many liberties with Miz either in or out of the ring and end up costing the brothers the match.

Divas Title Match
Nikki Bella vs A.J. Lee
I am really hating what they have done with the Bella Story Line…for a month they hate each other then for another month one sister is the others slave and now suddenly Brie is all happy and standing by her sisters side simply because she has the title….huh?!?!?! Really?!?!?! So just for that I would rather see A.J. have the belt however there have been a lot of rumors about A.J. possibly leaving soon. I am thinking unfortunately that Nikki may pull off the win here and keep the Divas title in a horrible SL but truly other than A.J. and Paige they really don’t have much life in the Divas division right now which is a shame. If only they would take a page out of NXT’s book then we could finally have a good Divas division but for now NIKKI BELLA WINNER!

Chairs Match
Rhyback vs Kane
While I am not dismissing the fact that Kane is part of the old Authority I truly don’t see him coming out ahead here. They have been trying to push Ryback again and to tell the truth he has been getting the pop from the audience. It’s amazing how someone can go away for a few months to recoup from an injury or something and then they come back and the audience forgets all of his past idiocies that made them hate him in the first place. The fact is though that they ARE cheering for Ryback and Kane…well he just has not been nearly the star he once was and since he broke from team Hell No he just has not been very impressive in the ring. RYBACK WINNER!

Steel Stairs Match
Erick Rowan vs Big Show
I’m not sure where this match is going to go. This is the first Steel Stairs Match so I’m not sure what to expect. so this is the only one where I have no clue whats going to happen and I’m not sure whether the stairs will help or hinder the wrestlers involved. so from me NO WINNER CHOSEN!

United States Title Match
Rusev vs Jack Swagger
I am looking forward to seeing this match. Yes I know we have seen this before with Rusev vs Jack Swagger however now with Zeb down and out I think Swagger has more invested in this match than he had before. I think we’ll see a new fire in Swagger and I think we may end up seeing him finally bring the US Title back to the US and finally see someone bring down Rusev in a one on one match. JACK SWAGGER WINNER!