DraxisWeb Publications is our new Publishing side of the DraxisWeb family. My wife and I have always been creative people, and after we met several people at Ancient City Con who liked our ideas and work so far, we decided to start taking DraxisWeb in a new direction. First, I got a few things printed in a couple anthologies and then Sarah self published the first book in a series she is working on. After the success I had with my short stories, I decided to branch out as well and self publish a fully illustrated Zombie Christmas book

The thing is we don’t wish to stop there. I have several kids books that I am working on, most of which just need artwork before we can set them up for self publishing. We are also working on some more short stories for Anthologies and another writer working with us is working on some romance/erotica type of books. Sarah and I are always writing for blogs and other online outlets, but soon we hope to have a small little self-published press going here as well.

Our Plans- What we want to do is to start working on Anthologies and inviting other self published Indie authors to join in on our books. Currently we would be doing Kickstarter campaigns to fund these projects. The Kickstarters would go to paying the Authors (Unlike some publications I know you guys put a lot of time and effort into your work and I would not want to offer just a copy of the book like some people do.)

Anyway, hopefully once a few of these get started they could fund the others. You see, I have a ton of ideas for stories and could fill the Anthologies myself if I wanted, but I think it would be more fun for the audience to see what other people could make of the scenarios as well. Not just that, but it also would help get some new author names out there in the public and hopefully get these people noticed some more! I had a few people help me out in the beginning and now I want to be able to do the same for others.

What will you find here?– What you will find in the menu’s below will be posts about the books and stories we already have available and links for where you can get them. As we grow, you will see pages about how you can get involved with our growing list of Anthologies or other projects.