Dropping is a sign of progress AKA Assholes with microphones

OK I want to start by apologizing. I don’t normally rant here on this site; however, I’m loathe to give out where I do rant and as this is an important topic to gaming and the geek scene I feel it needs to be here. I do urge you to read this as this is a very important topic both for geeks and just really everyone who interacts with other human beings. So to start with lets get right down to the meat of all this and what it boils down to is this;


Call them bullies, call them trolls, call them fanboys I don’t care just keep making saving throws for yourself before you give into Nerd Rage. Don’t be a troll online or as I am starting to say now a days as I play more and more MMO games, DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE WITH A MICROPHONE!

Now here’s the deal folks when I first started to do video’s on YouTube, I got the thumbs downs and those were fine..they are to be expected. Then one day I got the response letter that said I didn’t know how to do the trick I was doing and that I should just “Drink Bleach and Die”. Wow really? I was that bad at doing the disappearing quarter trick? No not really, infact what happened was my video was better than what this other guy did in his own video…. so he wanted to mouth off at me. The big problem comes about because this guy doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know I suffer from anxiety and depression. This guy doesn’t know that in elementary and highschool I was bullied every day. This guy doesn’t know that until I looked at his videos and figured out he was just jealous that I was devastated by his harsh words. But it makes it ok to be harsh because he doesn’t know me right? FUCK NO! In fact it makes it worse! He could have triggered my depression which could have triggered a suicide attempt and he would have never known that he killed someone. I had just gotten out of a bad marriage at that time, the deck was stacked against me being able to take anything like that too well.

This was several years ago, people are more evolved nowadays surely this isn’t normal now. HA-HA Man if anything, things like this have gotten worse by the fact that everyone has microphones now as they chat away on Twitch and do Youtube interviews and E-Sports gains ground. Why it was just the other day that someone sent my wife an email on the XBox that was a voice email with them cursing several times telling my wife to just break her f’ing controller…just f’ing break it! All because she got killed in a game of tanks doing exactly what she was supposed to do as a destroyer tank.

Last week I was playing SMITE and some idiot was on the microphone and it sounded like he must have been streaming or maybe playing in front of live audience because he had a running commentary going on. He praised himself up and down and said how worthless the rest of us were. I don’t know about the others on our team but me I was playing a character that I had never played before and it just wasn’t going my way. This guy cursed me soundly because I couldn’t get any traction against the other team….then again none of us could as we were all level one with our characters or less except for him who was like level 5. We also were against three players who mastered their characters. I’m sorry but once you get to level 5 you have played a character enough that you probably don’t suck with them anymore. Yet this guy was going off on all of us just for the sake of making himself look and feel better.

A few months back when I was first playing SMITE I had someone tell me off and say “are u f-ing dumb? ustupid f-ing b-h” Now of course I have edited this but really do you know what caused this burst of rage to be sent to me in a letter? I was defending our titan and got killed. You know trying to play the game. This brings me to my next point which is actually the title of this blog and one of the things I live my life by and I think others need to realize this before they let the rage get to them and they mouth off like the assholes they are showing themselves to be.

You see a very wise man…a juggler…. once told me “Dropping is a sign of progress.” Now you may think it’s  a bit odd for a professional juggler at a ren faire to be talking about dropping and saying this is a good thing but if you really think about it it’s true. Think of it this way….if you aren’t trying to juggle then you can’t drop the balls. This means the fact that you have chosen to try is your first step forward and yes you may drop the ball some. If you never try though, you will never get to the stage of dropping the ball, you will never get by the dropping stage to actually make your first pass of catches, or your second. Who knows maybe down the line you switch things up a bit and you end up dropping it again…this is what happened when I played Xing Tian instead of Sol or Isis or Ares…I took a chance and I dropped the ball, but I learned from it. Eventually, I will find the one god I LOVE and just kick everyone else’s ass with like Sol and eventually I’ll stay with that god and play till he or she is at level 10 and I have the diamond skin for mastery of that god or goddess. Until then however I will be dropping balls in game left and right I’ll drop them as I learn the ins and outs of the new characters. But do I deserve your scorn for trying new things. No, I deserve your praise for trying something outside of my comfort zone. I deserve your respect for going out with this character again and again and again in that game to try my best to get even one little god kill under my belt. I deserve to be treated with the same respect you wish because while I may be failing I AM putting my all into every damn game I play. I may not have god kills but by golly I’ll try and take down a few towers which is where my talents lie anyway, or if in World of Tanks I may not go charging into battle but I will snipe the hell out of the other team and take as many with me as I can before I get killed.

You see one thing I believe in is giving everything my all. Just this past weekend I was in an event for a game called War Dragons and my guild of 3 came in second place to a guild of 25. Do you know how many in my guild participated in this challenge? Only one, only me. Yet I surpassed other guilds that have 10-20 players and I surpassed people with twice my fleet and twice my game level and have dragons 100 times more powerful than mine. I came in second place because I made the All Things Geek team and so I wasn’t going to let it down. I also would have done the same if I was just a recruit and not the creator. But I also did this because I took the balls I was handed and I started to juggle them. I took what was given me and I started to learn. Sure I dropped the ball a few times…went after an island someone more powerful was going after. But I learned my lesson and went hunting islands no one else had so for every one of their level 3 islands I had 3 level 2’s. In the end I tried and in the end I succeeded. In the end I will get better at smite and continue playing it. In the end I will get better at World of Tanks and maybe take a few more chances like what led me to capture a base the other day in a light tank on a whole new board.

The fact is, we are all constantly trying. We are all constantly taking those balls and trying a new way to juggle them. Sometimes it doesn’t work and we drop them on the dusty ground. It’s what you do then that defines who you are. If you drop the balls will you race out to try your hand again? I hope your answer is yes…if not then please don’t join my teams because you’ll find the only thing I hate in a game is someone who surrenders because things aren’t going their way. For me it’s like Tim Allen said in Galaxy Quest “Never give up….never surrender”. The other thing that tells you and everyone else a lot about who you are is how you react when someone else drops the ball. If you have a teammate who has died 14 times but helped with 4 god kills do you berate them? Do you tell them they are worthless, the enemies best friend, a piece of shit at this game? Or do you tell them “Good try, maybe you should try this other god next time though as you seem to be stronger doing…” and help guide the person to the juggling style that suits them. If you’re the first type…like Massi3Outbreak, Leakedtrout1647 (yeah I heard your running mouth the entire match), or BlueFalcon4579 then YOU guys are what’s wrong with the gaming world. If I were like you I would probably say Drink Bleach and Die….however I’m not like you so I’ll just leave you with a simple tip. Shut the fuck up….because we don’t care about you or your opinion, but we do know how to report you to Microsoft for those lovely comments you made and one day you’ll find that your comments get you blocked from the Live service.

Peace out all…and remember dropping is a sign of progress and is usually the first step in anything you try.

1 thought on “Dropping is a sign of progress AKA Assholes with microphones

  1. As hard as it might sound, the best thing is to not give these people any thought. Majority of the time, they need attention and what’s the best way to get attention? Being an A-hole. It’s annoying and easily can anger thise of us that want to share our knowledge or just trying to play our game, but these people are going to pop up. The thing is, people don’t think about how they are affecting other people with their words. For anyone that gets deoression or anxiety triggers, I can only say try not ti take it personal vevause these people don’t know anything about you. If it is something in writing and you start to see it is negative…stop reading it immediately and delete it. These bullys out there are purposely trying rise a reaction because something in their life is messed up and they are trying to spead it yo others.
    Keep doing you! Keep shining!

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