Dreadnought How To: Tactical Ship

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In the game of Dreadnought for PS4 and PC we find a new dichotomy for the Healer class. In most games, the healers are able to help others just fine but when you look at them themselves, they are relatively weak. In this game, a good Tac ship can keep you healed and if they are working well, can go and cause damage and keep himself healed up at the same time. I admit this is a ship I am not as familiar playing with yet, but seeing how well it fares against me and mine in the proving grounds and seeing that this ship is usually the one that stands between me and victory in proving grounds, it’s one I am going to start playing more of to try and master it so I can be more valuable when I go out of Proving Grounds. So here are some tips as I have been seeing things played.


  1. Don’t go it alone. You’re a healer so don’t try to be a hero! Stick by the ships you think will do the best damage to the other team and do whatever you can to keep them running.
  2. Use your friends as defensive screens. While you can heal yourself relatively well compared to other healer classes out there, you shouldn’t be sticking your neck out there unless you have to. Hide behind your allies and let them soak up the damage as you send out your repair beams and drones to keep them up and running!
  3. If you can, travel in pairs! The bane of my existence in the Proving Grounds is if 2 Tactical Ships come in and close ranks with a destroyer or worse yet a dreadnought. This makes for a deadly triangle that is not able to be broken by a single ship and needs a coordinated fleet strike to destroy. Each tac ship has 2 healing beams so if you double team on a dreadnought the already armor heavy ship has twice the healing. Add to that the fact that each healing ship is healing the other at the same time this becomes an almost unbreakable formation unless you have the other team working well together!

This is just a start for this type of ship! As I play more, I shall be putting in new tips and tricks as I come up with them or see them used against me. However this is a nice little starter clue set for this type of ship. Remember the rest of the fleet NEEDS you if they want to come out on top. A fleet with 1 or 2 good tac ships can make all the difference in a battle, I’ve seen it happen time and time again where my team’s winning and suddenly the opposition brings in a pair of tacs and within moments the tide swings irrevocably!

Do you have any good suggestions, tips or tricks for this type of ship? If so sound off in the comments we would love to hear from you!

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  1. I’ve also had situations where my team is winning and suddenly the opposition brings in a pair of tacs and in just a few moments the tide swings irrevocably! It can be frustrating sometimes and if you have no tricks up your sleeve, you would surely get frustrated the more.

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