Dreadnought: How to Corvette

Welcome back to the Draxisweb game blog! We have given you some cool little things to think about before in reviews and how to’s on various games and now we come back bringing you some more. This time is a new little blog on Dreadnought. Sorry things have taken so long for some more info on this  but things have been insane while we prepared for Syfy Bartow this year! Anyway, in January we got added to the Dreadnought Creators Program. This is a cool little thing which means that yes you will be seeing more Dreadnoughts content popping up hopefully several times each month! Today we will be focusing on some tips and tricks for running a corvette class of ship. This game tip comes to you from Cancel Cancer our new sister site. Please visit the top banner to check out the Cancel Cancer facebook page and click the bottom banner to see their store and website! Unfortunately Cancer will touch just about everyone within their lifetime in some way and so with your help we can Cancel Cancer!

So the Corvette class of ship in Dreadnought is the smallest ship they have. It is fast, it is light, it has a small mini-jump drive similar to the Dreadnought but not as far. The Corvette is not heavily armed but is good at taking out bigger classes of ship with hit and run tactics. So here are some tips for this fast agile little thing.


  1. Don’t play the Corvette if you are against game AI. Game AI seem to be great at looking at their mini-radar at all times and will almost always see you coming no matter what you try. In an against AI game I would recommend any ship other than a Corvette with at least one person in a tactical ship.
  2. If you do play a Corvette the best thing to do is to find Destroyers and Artillery ships that are on their own. If you can sneak up behind them and come in low you should be able to get a kill before they see you.
  3. Try to stay behind them and under them, use your speed to harass and run then dip back in again and aim at their engines. Blink in and out if needed.
  4. On approach keep low and in cover, come in from the sides and blink forward where you can to keep enemies and enemy radar guessing.


These are just a few of the general tips for this class, more to come later this week. Do you have any more tips for this class of ship? If so drop a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Dreadnought: How to Corvette

  1. LOL. I never knew about staying behind them and under them, using speed to harass them and aim at their engines. I thought been a hero all the time actually helps. Oh well, we learn on the go and I appreciate the tip.

  2. Love your segment on games as well, I’ve heard about Dreadnought and am looking to try it out. I like games that make you think of strategy and tactics. I didn’t know there are people against game AI! I mean technically most games have some extent of AI integrated to it, just like those chess games. Haha! Looking forward to more content on this.

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