Dreadnought- How To: Dreadnought Ships

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Years! Last year we introduced you in review to a game in Beta that was about to go full on release called Dreadnought. On consoles, this game is only available on the PS4 which we were lucky enough to get for our family this year. So what we are wanting to do is to bring you guys a few of the tips and tricks we have found for ourselves in the game. Subscribe to our blog and Youtube channels to see more game play and more reviews of various PS4 and XBox Games!

Today we are writing up some of what we have learned about the biggest baddest ship in Dreadnought. This ship is so important the game itself was named after it, that’s right – today we talk about the dreaded Dreadnought! We have a few tips to share with you here that can help your kill score rise and help you not get killed! So let’s just jump right into things here!

Rule 1) To up your kills, if you see ships straying from the herd, unleash all weapons in special combinations so that they have an undefeatable barrage. For example, one of my favorite load outs for the Dreadnought so far are the Tempest Missiles with a range of 7km, the Plasma Broadside with a 2km range and the teleport with 5km. The Teleport or Jump Portal or whatever it is called is used to bring you swiftly to where your other teammates are on the map within 5km of you. However, if not directed at a friend you will just jump straight ahead for 5km. So one thing I love to do is to get within 7km and launch my Tempest missiles, move forward one more km and hit the Jump. By the time you jump your missiles are about to hit and are most likely being shot out of the sky by the anti missile batteries of the other craft. However, you have just appeared next to them and some of your missiles are getting through within a moment you have lock on for your plasma broadside so unleash with that and your main guns. This will finish off most ships in seconds, other Dreads; however, will take a bit more but it’s a great opening salvo.

Rule 2) Do not unleash an Attack like Rule 1 into a pack of ships! You have a huge amount of hitpoints and great armor and shields compared to the other ships as a Dread, but if you jump into the middle of a pack, their sustained barrage will take you out. You’ll do some good damage and maybe take one or two of them with you, but will the kills outweigh the loss of your ship?

Rule 3) Try to hook up with a Tactical Ship. Tac ships heal you. One of the most dangerous formations I have seen so far are 2 Tac ships and a Dread! The two Tac ships each have two healing beams one will focus on each of them and then you get one from each of them onto your Dread. You’ll be the main target, so keep yourself between the enemy and your healers and you can take an almost infinite amount of punishment. I have been against this type of formation several times and each time they have killed my team. Don’t underestimate the power of the tac ship!

So there’s our offering of just a small handful of rules to help you out! I am sure there will be some others I find as I continue to play this awesome game, but for now, those are some of the most important tips I can give as a Dreadnought Newbie! Below is a embed of some twitch playing we did the other day so feel free to check it out and see how we did. If you wish to support us then please feel free to subscribe to our twitch channel (twitch.tv/thalra) and our Youtube channel. If you want to help with our videos and game with us then send us a friends invite on PS4 @ XyanyaVieme or on XBox @ Thalra ! We look forward to playing with you and discussing the game with you! If you know of some other tips or tricks with the Dreadnought ships feel free to sound off below and let us in on them!


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