Dreadnought- How to: Artillery Ship

Welcome back Gamers and Geeks! A while back we brought you a review blog about the game Dreadnought and since then, we have been playing and playing and playing and trying to figure out how to best play each different type of ship. We also got slowed down on things by the holidays, but we are back and we are going to be hitting things harder than ever in this new year! So, stay tuned for more game coverage throughout the year as well as tons of Cancel Cancer announcements and hopefully a bunch more comic reviews! So in this blog, we are going to concentrate on the Artillery type of ships used in the game Dreadnought.

So to start off, the Artillery Ships are similar to the Tank Destroyers from the World of Tanks game. What this means is you are light on the armor compared to other ships but the gun packs a punch from one of the furthest ranges. Basically, put you have a sniper ship. The rules for this ship are pretty much just like the rules for the Destroyers in WoT as well so in many ways what serves you best in that game serves you best in this one as well. So, here are a handful of the best rules when playing this class.

Rule 1) Find a good place to hide in! This is especially true of ships like this because if the smaller faster ships find you, they will get in close and pop you in no time at all! Once a swift moving corvette gets in close, you’ll be lucky to live. So, find a good hiding place and hit your invisibility before each shot if possible.

Rule 2) If possible, take out smaller ships first! Smaller ships will take only 2-4 shots to kill where as a destroyer can take 8 or more, especially if there are Tactical ships there healing it. A good rule of thumb is you want to kill from hiding and then if you need to, find a new hiding place to shoot from. The faster you kill someone, the harder it is for people to find where you’re sniping from. So find those soft targets, the Corvettes, the Artillery and maybe even the Destroyers are fair game if you can get your shots off fast enough. If you can find a Tactical ship that’s damaged, be sure to take it out, while not dangerous in and of themselves the Tac ships keep everyone else alive.

Rule 3) Don’t be afraid to run! If you’re hitting someone hard and you see them turn and look right at you don’t be afraid to run once you pop them! Chances are they are on the headsets telling everyone where you’re lurking. If it doesn’t look like you’ve been spotted you can try staying still but that seems to be a quick way to have the smaller ships find you. So I say kill from hiding then back off fast and find a new sniping spot.

I’m sure there are probably some more tricks and tips and as I find them I’ll share them with you but for now these are probably the biggest ones to keep you both alive and kicking arse! Linked below here is a video of Artillery game play I did before the new year on twitch. If you want to see more gameplay, subscribe to our youtube channel. If you want to get in on some of our videos, feel free to send us a friend request on PS4 @ XyanyaVieme or on XBox One @ Thalra. Sound off below if you have any other good tips and tricks for this type of ships gameplay! We love hearing from you!


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